Crime Prevention

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need assignment to be revised have included original instructions and professors feedback

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3–4 pages (8–10 annotations)

This is a bibliography that includes brief explanations or notes for each reference. An annotated bibliography helps the researcher determine which sources are relevant to a line of inquiry. This determination is based on a summary of the work, an evaluation of its credibility, and its applicability to what you are specifically writing about. Each annotation should be between 100–150 words.

Examples of topics to search:

  • Articles on juvenile delinquency and its causes
  • Articles on theory that address juvenile delinquency
  • Government or nonadvocate, nonprofit organization Web pages for statistics
  • Peer-reviewed articles and academic journal articles

Professor feedback

Total points earned (rounded): 76 out of 100 (76%). Task Requirements points earned: 17.5 out of 25 (70%). Demonstration and application of knowledge points earned: 38.5 out of 55 (70%). Academic writing and format points earned: 20 out of 20 (100%). Strengths: Provided 10 of the minimum 8 to 10 annotations. Provided a description of the article. Briefly examined the author and how it related to your research.. . Opportunities for improvement: Needed to discuss the articles credibility, how it relates to other articles in your bibliography. Consider the following; Examine the author, who do they work for? What is their economic status, political affiliation or, other relevant ideology. Explain why the article is credible? Ask yourself; Who paid for it, what was their agenda. Discuss any controversy the author or journal has received. Any awards or recognition. It is important that you examine the resource from an objective perspective. . Additional Comments: A discussion on relevant controversy, the use of the authors work by other reputable sources. Compare or contrast this work with other sources that you have referenced. What are its strengths or weakness to your research topic? What did the article miss? What did it fail to consider? Please view the assignment details

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