Culture, Cognition, and Development, psychology homework help

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Answer the following questions 200 word minimum

  1. What is developmental contextualism? Why is this
    important in cultural psychology?

  2. Think about the three ethics approach to moral
    reasoning. Which of the three approaches do you adopt when thinking about moral
    issues? Does it depend on the particular issue?

  3. Chapter 4 covers information about Kohlberg’s
    model of moral development. Identify a recent current event that shows an
    example of one of the stages of this model and discuss the event. What is its
    relevance to the model? Post a link to the current event you have chosen.

  4. Why do people categorize? Can you escape
    categorization? If we cannot escape categorization, can we ever eliminate

  5. What do you think about intelligence? Is it
    influenced by one’s genes, environment, or both? (use a reference to support
    your position) if environment plays some role, what kind of environmental conditions
    facilitate in

  6. What kinds of stereotypes do you have of people
    whose mannerisms are different than yours? How would you feel if you spoke with
    someone who didn’t look you in the eye when talking with you?telligence and
    what kinds hinder it? How is the concept of intelligence different from
    academic achievement?

  7. When you are in another culture and do now speak
    the language, how do you communicate?

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