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You will write a 2–3-page movie review in current APA format that focuses on a movie with an that has examples of a cultural battle for the hearts and minds of today’s children and adolescents (this may include etiological factors surrounding strong-willed, aggressive, and violent behaviors in children and adolescents). You must interact with the movie’s content in a way that helps you understand the impact of movies on the counseling process. Use the following format when completing your Movie Reviews – include the headings below in each of your reviews.

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The Review

Give your impression of the movie with a brief plot summary, making sure to be CONCISE. Share the scenes that had either the greatest impact on your thinking or the most potential for the use of intervention strategies. What aspects should viewers look for if they have not seen the movie? What themes/scenes do you feel warrant further reflection and why?

Therapeutic Implications

Answer the following questions for this segment of the review:

  • Having noted the scenes that warrant further reflection, what are the specific counseling values of these scenes for use in the counseling process?
  • o For example, if you observe emotional outbursts, angry tirades, attempts at connection, empathic listening, etc., point out the scene and the ways it could be used to enhance your client’s understanding of the skill/technique you are teaching.

  • How are you using this scene to make an emotional and spiritual connection?
  • What is your rationale for choosing these scenes?
  • Personal/Professional Implications

    Answer the following questions for this segment of the review:

  • How did you connect with the movie on a personal level?
  • How did it confirm or challenge some of your perceptions of cultural issues in counseling strategies?
  • How will you utilize this information (personally or professionally) to impact your delivery of counseling?
  • Were there any scenes that you strongly agreed/disagreed with on a personal level and why?
  • Please No Plagiarism

    Please use APA formatting style


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