Describe, analyze and discuss your Learning Team’s dynamics over the past 8 weeks, using appropriate concepts and theories from the course. 1500-2500 words Write a 1500-2500 word paper that describes

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Describe, analyze and discuss your Learning Team’s dynamics over the past 8 weeks, using appropriate concepts and theories from the course.



Write a


word paper that describes and analyzes the dynamics of your team in this class. The purpose of this assignment is for you to analyze your team experiences, applying the theories and concepts we have studied.

You should write the paper in the first person and please refer to team members by name. Be assured that no one besides your instructor will see the paper or know its contents, so be candid.

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There is no best approach for this paper. You may prefer to use a chronological account of your team dynamics, or you may want to use another approach such as how trust developed – or didn’t – during the 8 weeks (for example). Your approach, and the theories/concepts you discuss, will depend to a great extent on your specific team.

You may find it helpful to review the key concepts and theories week by week, deciding which ones provide the most insight into your particular team’s dynamics.

You will be graded on how well you identify, describe, and analyze the interactions, behaviors, and relationships on your team, using terms, theories, and concepts from this class, as well as grammar, punctuation and spelling. Make sure you proofread!

Note:  If you receive an error message when submitting your assignment, please contact the IT Service (Help) Desk and your instructor.

Assignments should be submitted as Word documents to the Assignment Tool. Your paper MUST include the following:

  • Cover page with student name, instructor name, due date, course title & team number
  • Page numbers
  • Citations within the body of your paper that identify the source and/or author(s).  Make sure you know how to “cite” references in the body of the paper! (these must match your references/citations page)  This is critical to avoid plagiarism, which would result in a failing grade.
  • Reference page that matches all citations within the paper

Jerrell – he was the leader of the group. He was very informative and knowledgeable, ahead of schedule to ensure we completed our tasks on time. very Nice and easy going. Always made sure we submitted our information early.

Susan- very sweet and nice, no problems

Abby- very nice, she was very outspoken and was very knowledgeable about Human Resource.

Quantrell-  very nice and outspoken. never afraid to ask a question if she had one. No problems

Myself- I wasnt as outspoken but I spoke when I needed to. I was kind and helpful when questions came up. I completed tasks on time.

Overall, I had a great team. everyone got along amazing and this was honestly the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. We all attended the scheduled zoom meetings that Jerrell set up for us To go over ground rules and discuss in detail what our tasks are and who was doing what. We all completed our portion of our group tasks on time and appropriately.  Everything Was communicated through texting, zoom video call, and emailing each other. Our first task was to write a team paper. we were all given questions that related to the product development team for a company that produces training materials. We all had to answer our question As it related to concepts and theories in group development. We all received a 100 and did excellent on the paper. Our second task was to create a presentation that related to small group dynamics. we all decided to come up with the game of jeopardy. we each had a topic that related to group dynamics and had to come up with questions and answers to make it a learning experience for the class.

Key Concepts and Theories Examples:

Group Work


Stages of Team Development

Communication -Virtual


Decision Making


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