Describe technological tools that are used in criminal justice

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As a newly hired police officer, you have been tasked with explaining predictive policing at an upcoming community-based meeting. You will be writing a paper to prepare for your talk. You will share this example:

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In a previous meeting, citizens in attendance discussed concerns regarding residential burglaries in their area. This live burglary crime map shows that there have reported burglaries that appear to be close in proximity. Using data-based crime mapping and predictive policing, police established a pattern. In addition to establishing a patter, the police discovered the following:

  • The seven burglaries have all been forced entries with rear doors pried open.
  • They have occurred between Monday and Friday during business hours while residents have been at work.
  • Fingerprints were lifted in four of the seven houses.

Using the data, the chief has directed officers to stay on proactive patrols in the area between 0830 and 1330 hours on weekdays.

Note: On the top left of the Burglary Crime Map page, underneath the “Based on Crimes – Map”, click on the small arrow at the end of the “this dataset reflects” statement to bring up more information that describes factors that may influence the accuracy of the map.


Using the information from the scenario, compose a paper that analyzes predictive policing by addressing the following:

  1. Describe how predictive policing is demonstrated in the scenario above. In your description, be sure to address the following:
    1. What is predictive policing?
    2. How do crime maps support predictive policing efforts?
    3. What goals of predictive policing were achieved?
    4. What types of data were used?
    5. What factors were used to predict potential future criminal activities?
  2. Describe additional tools of predictive policing available to law enforcement beyond what is demonstrated in this scenario. In your description, be sure to address the following:
    1. What additional tools are available to law enforcement?
    2. How do they work?
    3. What types of data do they generate?
    4. What do they accomplish?
  3. Describe the pros and cons of predictive policing. In your description, be sure to address the following:
    1. What are the pros for police agencies and their communities?
    2. What are the cons for police agencies and their communities?
  4. Identify other technology platforms available that could assist police during this investigation.
    1. Identify multiple types of technologies and how they could be used.
  5. Describe any case law surrounding predictive policing relevant to the scenario. In your description, be sure to address the following:
    1. Where does case law limit the practice of predictive policing?
    2. What concerns are raised in current lawsuits surrounding predictive policing?
    3. Can bias be introduced into predictive policing?

What to Submit

To complete this assignment, you must submit the following:

Analyzing Predictive Policing Paper
Your paper should be 500 to 750 words in length using 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. Any sources should be cited according to APA style.

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