Diabetes, 6-7 pages, health and medicine homework help

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The paper topic should be an issue related to health and aging about 6-7 pages . I choose topic on Diabetes in older people. 

Research Paper Title is Diabetes in older people. 

Research Paper Title 

I. Introduction: Grab attention, relate importance to health and aging, and present a focused thesis statement.

II. Body: Main points and articles your will use to support your point. 

  1. A. Main point 1 (reference 1: author’s name, year; reference 2: author’s name, year;…)
  2. B. Main point 2 (reference 1: author’s name, year; reference 2: author’s name, year;…)
  3. C. Main point 3 (reference 1: author’s name, year; reference 2: author’s name, year;…)
  4. D. Etc. 

III. Conclusion: Wrap up your paper with a brief summary of your main points.


  • Sources must have been published in the last five years.
  • Appropriate sources are scholarly professional journals
  • Library databases recommended for this assignment include CINHAHL (Nursing and Allied Health Literature) and AgeLine.
  • No more than two websites may be used, and they must be evaluated for trustworthiness at Evaluating Website
  • APA guides: APA Manual, Purdue OWL online website, Owl APA Format Guide and UMCU library tutorial  APA Tutorial
  • it should be 10 references 

I choose these references


1.  Williams,
J. (2016). Effective team working to improve diabetes care in older
people. Journal Of Diabetes Nursing20(4), 137-141 5p.

2.  Dunning,
T. (2015). Overview of cardiovascular risk in older people with diabetes: Basic
pathophysiology, risk factors and management. Journal Of Diabetes
19(9), 353-359 7p.

3.  Yates,
R., & Menon, J. (2015). The challenges of managing type 1 diabetes in older
people. Journal Of Diabetes Nursing19(4), 143-147 5p.

4.  Valencia,
W. M., & Florez, H. (2014). Pharmacological treatment of diabetes in older
people. Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism,16(12),
1192-1203. doi:10.1111/dom.12362

5. https://www.nia.nih.gov/health/publication/diabetes-older-people ( i didnt do citation of this article) APA style

.6.  Da
Costa, S. (2016). How low is too low for older people with diabetes?. 
Of Diabetes Nursing
20(4), 136-136 1p.

7.  Gadsby,
R. (2014). Diabetes care for older people: A practical view on
management. Diabetes & Primary Care16(5), 259-267

8.  Phillips,
A., & Phillips, S. (2014). Diabetes in older people: making the right
nutritional choices. Nursing & Residential Care16(7),
372-376 5p.

9.  Williams,
J. (2013). Promoting self-management and independence in older people with
diabetes. Journal Of Diabetes Nursing,17(9), 347-350 4p.

10.  Bennett,
K. (2015). Diabetes in older people. Clinical Medicine15(5),


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