Different Crime Scenarios

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Different Crime Scenarios

As a bloodstain pattern analyst, you report to a homicide crime scene in a room at Legends Hotel. The appearance of the scene makes you to suspect that the criminals have cleaned up the bloodstains from the crime scene.

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On the basis of your understanding of the scenario, discuss the following:

  • How would you determine whether the bloodstains have actually been cleaned up or not?
  • What method would you use to visualize the presence of blood at a crime scene and why would you choose this method over other methods that are available? Support your opinion by discussing other methods available for bloodstain identification.
  • Identify the household chemicals that give false positives with the method of identification chosen by you? Discuss.

Forensic photography has also been done to reproduce the crime scene in the hotel room. This would serve as an important part of evidence collection. It can also be used to document the results of presumptive tests for bloodstains.

Based on your knowledge of photos and the results of presumptive tests, discuss the following:

  • How does forensic photography help in photo documenting the results of presumptive tests for blood?
  • Can there be any challenges of forensic photography on photo documenting the results of presumptive tests for blood? If yes, how can a crime scene technician overcome the challenges of photo documenting the results?
  • What steps would you carry out to photo document the results of presumptive tests for blood?
  • Which type of presumptive test is best for use in the field from a forensic photography point of view?

Create 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document covering both the above scenarios.

Submission Details

  • Support your responses with examples.
  • Cite any sources in APA format.

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