Discuss Finite Mathematics

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I have 4 weeks of a finite mathematics class left to do.
There is a discussion with 2 responses, homework (which is usually 7-10 give or
take) true or false questions which need examples explaining why it is true or
false and a quiz due each week. Discussions are due Sundays, and homework and
quizzes due Tuesday. I cannot copy and paste the quizzes but the rest I can. Below
is an example of homework which would be the first thing I need done. There is also one Final exam as well which
should be multiple choice as is all quizzes. You can work as fast as you want
or week to week. If you work ahead I will be able to do the responses to

Week 5. (Due Tuesday
March 4th along with roughly 20 question quiz I cannot copy and
paste. I will have to supply password at later time. Each weeks discussion and
homework must be done before quiz is unlocked. I can provide all other weeks assignments and such after agreement is made

Homework Week 5

1.True or false. When simple interest is used, the
accumulated amount is a linear function of time.

2.True or false. Compound interest that is converted once a
year is the same as simple interest.

3.True or false. If interest is compounded annually, then the
effective rate of interest is the same as the nominal rate of interest.

4.True or false. The present value is always smaller than
the future value.

5.True or false. The future value of an annuity can be found
by adding together all the payments that are paid into an account.

6.True or false. The periodic
payment R where R=pi and P is the loan amount and i is the interest


period that will amortize the loan at the end of the term
comprising n periods.

7.True or false. A sinking fund is the accumulated amount to
be realized at some future date (the end of the term) when a fixed number of
periodic payments are paid into an account earning interest at the rate of i
per period.


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