DUE MAY 6 2019Freud, Sigmund. The Freud Reader, edited by Peter Gay. New York: W.W. Norton, 1989. *USE THIS BOOK*Need 2 Scholarly article sourceson 2 of the themes presented in the instructionsWrite a

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DUE MAY 6 2019

Freud, Sigmund. The Freud Reader, edited by Peter Gay. New York: W.W. Norton, 1989. *USE THIS BOOK*

Need 2 Scholarly article sources

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on 2 of the themes presented in the instructions

Write a 20-page essay on an aspect of Freud’s theory that you find interesting.  It must be something for which there is substantive explanation within Freud’s writings, and you will need to explain Freud’s views in detail with reference to Freud’s texts.

Structure your discussion on a clear thesis, i.e.

take a position and use the paper to defend that position.

Also, you must use at least two secondary sources in your paper, but preferably more.  Integrate the secondary source(s), as well as any quotations from Freud’s texts, into your argument coherently and responsibly.  Use the posted section from the Bedford Handbook to guide your use of quotations and citations.

2 possible approaches:

  1. Focus on a theme that you find interesting: repression, symptoms, the unconscious, dreams, narcissism, mourning, group psychology, totem and taboo, etc.  Re-read those assignments and do a search for secondary sources on the issue.  I will also be happy to recommend other texts by Freud that relate to the issue.  After working-through this material,

    formulate a defensible thesis.
  2. Browse the databases of secondary sources.  You might find that after reading Freud’s texts themselves, you disagree with the author of an article that you read.  In this case, you can present Freud’s ideas as you see them, explain the other author’s interpretation, and then articulate why he or she is wrong.  On the other hand, you may agree with an author’s interpretation, and this may have taught you something about another aspect of Freudian theory.  So, you could present the author’s interpretation and then discuss its broader implications in the context of Freud’s texts on the issues.

    Again, you’ll need to base the discussion on a clear thesis.

*Please do not use quotations excessively.  Choose the minimum amount that needs to be quoted in order to make your point.

*Only quote passages that are relevant, and comment on the quotation so that the importance of the quote is obvious to your reader.

*Always embed quotations within grammatically-correct sentences.

*Always correctly cite the quotation.

*Please use page numbers in the top right corner from page two onward.

*Please double-space, using size-10, Times New Roman font

*Consider splitting up your paper into sections, with section headings.

Please see me after class or in my office, if you would like to discuss the material or get some other advice on writing the paper.



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