E-mail Marketing

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For this discussion, create strategies for a successful opt-in e-mail campaign. Consider the success factors outlined in your textbook as well as different strategies for acquiring customers versus retaining them. Be explicit with examples, perhaps from your own project organization. For example, if a strategy is to have a clear call to action at the beginning and end of the message, illustrate this with examples such as invitations to subscribe to a newsletter, or perhaps a link to a landing page on your Web site that describes your product. Describe how you will “create buzz” for your company and product. create your own welcome message, engagement message, cross-sell message and conversion message. Include appropriate triggers for the type of site you are working on [search string: template email contact strategy].


Introduce a site (or sites if you cannot locate a perfect one!) that demonstrates the following e-CRM principles:

  • Customer identification: Examples of this can be an e-mail or newsletter sign up link, a registration form, or a social connection link like “Connect with Facebook.”
  • Permissions. Examples of this would include an opt-in/opt-out message, checkboxes indicating a range of information to be delivered, call-back options, and automatic billing options.
  • Social interaction: Are there Twitter, Facebook, or other social media badges (links) on the page? Is there a forum on the site that encourages comments? Are there opportunities to post product reviews? Share site information with others?
  • Customer service: Examples may be contact information, preferences, self-service information, directions for placing orders, finding information, shipping or returns, or multiple ways to get help, including phone, e-mail, live chat, or callback. Call out any extraordinary product information, such as virtual sizing on a clothing site, interactive or dynamic color palettes on a paint store, or weather widgets on a travel site.
  • Personalization: Does the site remember you by name? Does it remember what you bought or recommend similar products? Can you set preferences on the site? If you allow e-mail from the company, what is its level of customization and personalization?
  • Privacy: Is the privacy policy easily found? Will the site share your personal information with anyone? Are there exceptions in small print? For example, some sites will not sell your information, but will share it across ad networks or with third-party service providers.


Keeping an eye on technology is an important part of any business strategy. Not only what the technology is, but how it is used. For example, Twitter™ started out as a way to broadcast personal messages before texting was commonplace. It was years before it evolved into a marketing tool. So it is with most technologies conceived for one purpose and then adapted for many others.

Consider this scenario:

You are the marketing manager for Aybeesee Corporation, a bricks-n-clicks company that sells electronic toys and gadgets. It has recently seen its online direct sales and affiliate sales soar, resulting in rapid company growth. It has built seven new stores in three new states, bringing the organization to one flagship store in New York City as well as fourteen stores in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and now North Carolina, South Carolina, and London, England. One of your duties is to keep up with emerging technologies that are useful tools for marketing. Every year, you send out a memo apprising senior management of cutting edge technologies currently in use world-wide (not necessarily at Aybeesee) and how it is being used by other companies—sometimes even the competition.

It’s time to do your research for this year. Do a search for information about emerging technologies for marketing, advertising or CRM. Write a memo highlighting one technology and how it could be used by Aybeesee. Include information about how it is used by other pioneer e-businesses. Emerging technologies do not have to be restricted to hardware. They can include software, platforms, or processes that combine all of the above. It can also be new ways of using existing technologies.


Besides ERP and its integrated supply chain and customer management components, it is sometimes necessary to implement or hire additional third-party suppliers to augment or supply expertise that may be absent in our own organization. The decision to go to a third-party supplier is often controversial, as many companies and employees prefer to have the work done in house. Third-party suppliers include full-service digital agencies, specialist digital agencies, and traditional agencies. Which supplier would you use in the following scenarios (or would you keep it all in-house)?

  • Scenario One: You have recently read that Google has started using a brand-new algorithm for analyzing search queries and you want to make sure that your organization’s website content is optimized to address this change. What type of supplier would you use to analyze all of your Web pages and recommend or make changes? Would you keep it in-house?
  • Scenario Two: You have two versions of your website: One optimized across computer browsers and one optimized for mobile devices. You are planning a total revamp of your website and would like to investigate responsive design: a design strategy that uses proportion-based grids, flexible images, and relative sizing units to ensure that a site can be read and navigated no matter if it’s displayed on a computer monitor, a tablet, or a smartphone. Your current website was designed years ago when you had a one-person marketing department. Now you have a staff that maintains the site content, but no one has expertise in responsive Web design (RWD) or audience and device-aware (ADA) design. What type of supplier would you use for the redesign? Or would you keep it in-house?
  • Scenario Three: Your business intelligence research has just confirmed that two of your competitors have launched new YouTube and Instagram campaigns and it is rumored that a third competitor is about to launch an interactive ad campaign that promises to be as audience immersive and viral as Toyota Racing Tweet Race. Right now your company does not use YouTube, Instagram, orTwitter, and you are under pressure from above to get on board—and fast! What type of supplier would you use for these new initiatives? Or would you keep it in-house?


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