Edit a Research Proposal

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I need my research proposal edited to meet my teachers requirements. I would like to focus on (1). Please edit using the suggestions.

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Teacher suggestions: Let me know why this topic is of interest to you, and make it yours. It will be more pertinent and interesting for both of us.

Maybe you need to show how ethical behavior benefits the company via the stakeholder model of the firm. Some benefit and some incur costs with new decisions and changes made by the firm, whether these are ethical or unethical. But who benefits and how much may vary for the ethical vs. the unethical, and similarly for the unethical.

So a good start but I’m not sure (1) if you are reading these articles and commenting (if so, what essay type?), and/or (2) you are collecting data about companies, interviewing business employees or other stakeholders, or something else.

A good way to pull this together is: ask a research question. What do you want to learn or test, and how? Do you have any hypotheses here? Will this result in practical advice for companies or managers?

Clarify, tighten it up, and maybe you’ve got something here

I would like to focus on topic 1.


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