Effectiveness of Crisis Intervention Teams

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Paper 1: Crisis Intervention Teams Background: Police officers interact with an increasing number of mentally ill individuals, often resulting in needless force or fatal interactions. Following the shooting death of a 27-year-old who struggled with mental illness and cocaine use, a new approach called the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) model of policing was born. Many police departments now have Crisis Intervention Teams to deescalate mental health crises and avoid arrests by directing individuals into treatment programs.

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Assignment: The objective of this assignment is to evaluate the effectiveness of Crisis Intervention Teams. Some studies show that Crisis Intervention Teams are successful in reducing force and providing treatment for mentally ill offenders, while other studies show fewer advantages of such teams.

Students are to use two journal articles relating to the effectiveness of Crisis Intervention Teams.

TIP: To locate relevant journal articles, add the word “research” to your search terms.

The submitted paper must be a minimum of five pages of 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman only), double-spaced type, not including cover page and bibliography. Resources must be reflected in a bibliography, using APA citation rules.

Paper Formatting Requirements:

Cover Page: Include the title of the paper, your name, the class title and date of submission

Section 1: Introduction: Make an introductory statement about Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) and explain the purpose of your paper.

Section 2: Summarize the main points of the two articles, including how Crisis Intervention Teams are used.

Section 3: Compare and contrast the authors’ perspectives on the advantages and disadvantages of Crisis Intervention Teams. Do the authors reach the same conclusions? How are their perspectives alike and how do they differ? Did the authors conclude that the program was an effective use of resources or not? Did the authors find that Crisis Intervention Teams decrease force and provide treatment for mentally ill offenders? Provide supporting statistics.

Section 4: Conclusion: Provide a focused, concise conclusion based on your analysis of the articles, explaining why Crisis Intervention Teams should or should not be used.


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