English 1302

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Paper #1:

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I want you to watch the YouTube Video, “Where the Hell is Matt?” (located in Module 1).

I then want you to write a paper that is focused on answering this question, “Is this art?”. (Why or Why not?)

You should have a clearly defined Thesis that states where you stand one way or the other.

Construct an argument (Yes, this is art because ______/ No, this is not art because _____ ).

The goal of this paper is to get you to interact with a form of social media and to think critically about it.

Your paper should be a minimum 800 words

This is a useful outline to aid you when structuring an argument.

-Gains reader’s interest and willingness to listen
-Establishes your qualifications to write about your topic
-Establishes some common ground with your audience
-Demonstrates that you’re fair
-States your claim

-Presents information, including personal stories that are important to your argument

Lines of Argument:
-Presents good reasons, including logical and emotional appeals, in support of your claim

Alternative Arguments:
-Carefully considers alternative points of view and opposing arguments
-Notes the advantages and disadvantages of these views
-Explains why your view is preferable to others

-Summarizes the argument
-Elaborates on the implications of your claim
-Makes clear what you want the audience to think or do
-Reinforces your credibility and perhaps offers an emotional appeal


One note that is often missed is Alternative Arguments. If you do not discuss the opposing side, there is the potential to lose some credibility with your reader as you can be viewed as overly biased or disregarding of the viewpoints of others. You want to take the opposing side into consideration, and, at the same time, show why you think your side is superior.

You are not the only person and often there isn’t only one line of thinking in any given topic. Try to understand how others may view a topic and WHY they may view it that way. This level of contemplation and understanding will only strengthen (and widen) your ideas.


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