Environmental ethics essay

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You are responsible for initiating one discussion thread AND leaving three comments on threads started by your classmates throughout the course. These are worth 5 points each. You must contribute once per week (either a thread or a comment). Discussion threads should be at least 300 words. Comments should be at least 200 words. Longer threads will not necessarily receive a better grade. Be precise and succinct. Discussion threads should be posted no later than Wednesday at 11:59pm of each week, but comments may be left on Fridays until 11:59pm. Make sure to cite the readings properly so that classmates can find parts of the text that you reference.

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You may post about any of the readings or films at any point during the week, but you must post about materials from that week. The goal of the discussion threads is to initiate a conversation on a particular concept or argument in the course readings. Do not simply ask, “what do you think about X.” Your thread should set up a problem or question and demonstrate an overall knowledge of the readings. You are encouraged to put multiple readings in conversation in order to show contrasts or opposing arguments. Comments should intelligently and respectfully respond to the problem being identified, and add content to the discussion. Do not simply agree or disagree. Make sure to provide a context for your response based on the readings.

Readings can choose one from the list: Kant, “Rational Beings Alone Have Moral Worth” (pp. 10-13) Singer, “A Utilitarian Defense of Animal Liberation” (pp. 14-23)

All these reading materials is post in the file, please check the file page number, then you can locate the reading article.


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