“Equality and Discrimination” Paper

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In this assignment, you will write a Letter to the Editor of a newspaper proposing that a particular action be taken regarding one of the modern ethical issues discussed in this unit. You will project the result of the action as well as the result of its alternative.

In a Word document, write a Letter to the Editor proposing
that a particular action be taken regarding the issue of “Equality and Discrimination”

Include the following
in your letter:

•Project what will happen if this action is taken as well as
if the alternative action is taken.

•Suggest ways in which one or both actions might cause
social or physical harm. Your predictions should include both short-term
effects of the action and long-term, sustained results.

•Use anecdotes from your own life or the life of someone you
know to support your argument

Must be at least 1 page minimum in length.  APA references cited.



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