essay 2 english

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In a genre analysis essay, you will be identifying multiple types of genres to analyze. As discussed in this unit, a genre is a form of communication, and we use genres to help categorize these forms of communication. This categorization is important for both author and audience to establish clear expectations of how a piece is composed to how an audience understands how to engage with that piece. For this assignment specifically, you will choose a discourse community, and from that community analyze three genre artifacts produced by that community. In analyzing those genre artifacts, you will ask questions like, why does this community use these types of genres? What values are embedded in these genres? What are the affordances and limitations of communicating in this genre? How do these genres work together to further communication within this community? Between this community and others? Who are the audiences? What are the purposes? How closely does the community adhere to particular genre forms? What genre rules, if any, are they breaking? As part of your analysis, you will be crafting an argument that your analysis supports. That argument will assert a claim about how your chosen discourse community communicates amongst itself, with outsiders, or both. It will utilize the genre artifacts as evidence, with your analysis of them supporting your claim. Your answers to one or some of the questions above could become your argument, but you should not be answering all the questions. They are exploratory entry points to highlight some ways of thinking about the relationship between genres and community. You have a lot of freedom in composing this paper, and I know that can be intimidating, but I also want to encourage you to explore and be creative in your approach, and ask questions! Some notes:

You are allowed to use the first person (“I”). You are not required to incorporate course texts. You are not required to research scholarly sources. You are conducting research in identifying a discourse community and gathering genre artifacts and analyzing them, you are doing primary source research. If you include quotations from your genre artifacts, and/or if you undertake additional research, you are required to provide full and proper citation (including in-text) in a style of your choosing (e.g. MLA, Chicago, APA, etc.).

Even if you do not directly cite your genre artifact, you should still include a citation reference to it in your bibliography/works cited page. (NB: You need to have a bibliography/works cited page.)

If you want to pursue a composition that is not an academic essay, you are welcome to, I just ask that you check-in with me to ensure an appropriate translation of workload & expectations.

3-4 page composition that presents your genre analysis.

A bibliography/works cited page that includes citation information for your genre artifacts and any additional research incorporated

1 page reflection essay detailing your writing process from initial conceptualization to final draft, including reflection on choices and changes made along the way. Formatting Requirements:

12pt font in a reasonable style (e.g. Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, etc.)

Double spaced

1” margins

Title your composition portion AND your reflection portion

Uploaded to your Google Drive folder as ONE google doc or word/.docx file

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