Ethical Relativism Essay

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In this assignment, you will choose an article and
complete a short essay in response to several questions about how situations
impact objectivist viewpoints and ethical relativism.

In a Word document, write a short essay responding
to the following:

  • Identify
    2-3 situations in which it’s less socially acceptable to express
    non-relativist points of view on some subjects than others and explain why
    that might be.

  • Do
    you think society expects people in some professions to express
    objectivist or ethical relativism viewpoints more than others? Explain.

  • Would
    you prefer to live in a society that places less emphasis on ethical
    relativism and objectivist viewpoints? Why or why not?

There is no word count minimum.  BUT all
questions should be answered in a clear and concise manner with all references
TURNITIN cause my instructor is going to do that when I turn it in.

Thank You

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