Final Case Study and RecommendationsIn this assignment, you will finalize your case study makingrecommendations for needed services and planning for theirimplementation. You will create two documents

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Final Case Study and Recommendations

In this assignment, you will finalize your case study makingrecommendations for needed services and planning for theirimplementation. You will create two documents for this assignment, onepaper of 8–10 pages as the final course project and a PowerPointpresentation of 8–10 slides with speakers notes. The PowerPointpresentation should be made to a hypothetical team of professionalsworking on the issues in your case study. It should summarize youranalysis of the case study including theoretical orientation andrecommended service implementation.

Paper – In Unit 5, you conducted a literature review, which mostlikely revealed many new perspectives, approaches, and solutions toproblems. This week, you will revise your submissions from Unit 3, 5and 7 to construct your final course paper. Each of those units shouldbe combined to create one document that is integrated and presents aholistic perspective of human service theories, service deliverymodels, and roles. Respond to any questions related to ethicalconflicts and dilemmas presented in Unit 3. Incorporaterecommendations for the case study and what functions each of thehuman service professionals will perform in the case study.

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PowerPoint​ – Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following:•Introduction ◦Provide an overview of the case study you have chosento focus on for your final course paper.

•Areas for exploration and next steps ◦In more detail, describe 2–3big ideas you have already started to uncover because of yourliterature review. Describe the roles and responsibilities of thehuman service professionals you selected for your case study. Cite theEthical Standards for Human Services Professionals linked in theResources as you discuss ethical considerations.

•Conclusion ◦Provide a brief conclusion describing the overall planfor recommendations.

Refer to the APA Style and Format link in the Resources for guidanceon formatting all assignments in this course.

Requirements•Font: 12-point Times or Times New Roman, double-spaced.•Writing: Writing should be clear, organized, and free of errors; itshould also follow professional standards.•Research: Use at least four academic sources; at least two of thosesources should not be course materials.•Paper Length: Your paper should be 8–10 pages, not including thecover page or reference page.•PowerPoint​ Length: Your PowerPoint presentation should be 8–10slides with speaker’s notes.•Format: Follow current APA style and formatting guidelines.

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