Final Research PaperYou’ve conducted an annotated bibliography on a set of topics. For this assignment, you will use that information as a literature review. You will then develop a paper based on t

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Final Research Paper

You’ve conducted an annotated bibliography on a set of topics.  For this assignment, you will use that information as a literature review.  You will then develop a paper based on the information you collected as well as what you learned from your course and text readings.  To supplement your literature review for this paper,

find 2 more scholarly journal articles

related to any of the topics below. Here is the list of topic areas that were used:

  1. Theoretical models associated with multicultural populations.
  2. Present taxonomy used in the field of multiculturalism.
  3. Varied communication patterns by group and geography.
  4. Impact of migration on the ability of diverse groups to assimilate to cultural norms.
  5. Historical and current trends that differentially impact the adjustment of groups.
  6. Integral features of identity development according to group status.
  7. Medical and mental health issues in multicultural populations.

The paper should adhere to the following guidelines:

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  • The length of the paper should be

    12–14 double-spaced pages (not including the title and reference pages).
  • For the main sections it should have a:

    • Title page

    • Introduction

    • Literature review

    • Conclusion

    • Reference page(s)
  • The paper must use proper APA style for citing sources and references.

  • Introduction

    : This should be

    1–2 pages in length.

    The introduction provides a brief overview of what will be covered and the purpose of the paper.

  • Literature review

    : The literature review is taken in part from what you had written in the Week 3.

  • Discussion and conclusions

    : The difference between a great paper and a marginal one is the depth and originality of the discussion and conclusion section. This is where you bring together what you learned from the literature review (as well as through the course) in your concluding remarks regarding your topic. The discussion and conclusion section should be 1–2 pages in length.

Submission Details:

  • Attach a Report.

Final Research PaperYou’ve conducted an annotated bibliography on a set of topics. For this assignment, you will use that information as a literature review. You will then develop a paper based on t
Annotated Bibliography: Theoretical Models, Varied Communication by Group and Geography, and Health Issues Among Multicultural Populations Student University Annotated Bibliography: Theoretical Models, Varied Communication by Group and Geography, and Health Issues Among Multicultural Populations Smyth, N., Siriwardhana, C., Hotopf, M., & Hatch, S. L. (2015). Social networks, social support, and psychiatric symptoms: social determinants and associations within a multicultural community population. Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology, 50(7), 1111- 1120. Different communities have a different distribution of social networks and social support and how each of them portrays psychiatric symptoms. The above research was therefore conducted to address all these shortcomings by sending the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics that are created by social networks and social support in any multicultural environment. It was also to determine how each of these social networks is associated with multiple mental health outcomes. From the research, it was realized that social-demographic factors affect the variations in social network and support. Ethnic minority groups reported more massive family network which if compared to instrumental support was found to be less. Besides, it was found that the people from lower socioeconomic groups were likely to report fewer cases of social network and support on the indicators that were measured. Again, emotion and instrumental support, friends and family size networks were found to be protective factors that caused mental disorder, some psychotic experiences that needed attention and other personal dysfunctions. The study was conducted in South East Community on about 1700 adults. The research was done through interviews and observations in some cases. From this research, it was realized that the hazardous alcohol use was irrelevant to both social network and support. In conclusion, it was realized both social network and social support exert differential effects on the brain. It also indicated that a particular type of social support is essential. It was limited to determining only the factors that cause psychiatric disorders, yet mental illnesses are numerous. Besides, it should have focused on the future psychosocial strategies that would have helped in limiting the impacts of the disease. The research conclusion is well supported by the research inference. Although it was made bialy, it is within my class material notes which makes me support the author on same deductions. Hui, B. P. H., Chen, S. X., Leung, C. M., & Berry, J. W. (2015). Facilitating adaptation and intercultural contact: The role of integration and multicultural ideology in dominant and non-dominant groups. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 45, 70-84. The article was written to address the significant role of integration and multicultural ideologies that are different groups that form part of the community. The article thus indicated that adaptation in the society is influenced by both immigrants’ acculturation strategies and the major groups’ expectation concerning how immigrants should be acculturated in the community. It claimed that acculturation over the years had received low attention. It was a study that was conducted in Chinese in Hong Kong. It was through numerous interview done on both the immigrants and legal citizens of the country. The research found out that the psychological adaptation could be used to determine the multicultural ideologies. Psychological adaption influences the interactional contact with the people of Hong Kong through analysis of the people of lower ethnic communities. The people of Hong Kong showed higher integration expectation in regards to the psychological adaptation. It thus implied that people with multicultural ideologies had the direct influence on intercultural contact with dominant inhabitants of Hong Kong. The research was only limited to the immigrants who were living on the mainland of Hong Kong only and let out those living elsewhere. Besides, it failed to analyse the various factors that determined the multicultural interaction in the nation. Moreover, it paved the way for a future analysis to be done to give proposal models of dominant groups and the minority groups and their cultures which it could have done in the once and for all. Hall, G. C. N., Yip, T., & Zárate, M. A. (2016). On becoming multicultural in a monoculture research world: A conceptual approach to studying ethnocultural diversity. American Psychologist, 71(1), 40. This article was written to highlight some of the critical components of human experience that are deemed vital in predicting why unsatisfactory results are obtained in the society yet have been ignored. It claimed that these factors are culture, race-ethnicity, and race. The research said that multicultural psychology and perception in life has made the environment to be unconducive for a human. It was, therefore, research that was conducted to determine some of similarities and universalities across different groups. The method used for this study was a survey, it was done across different people who were from different races, culture, and ethnicities. The approach that was deemed suitable for this research was the generalizability approach. It was realized from the research that race, ethnicity, and cultures are very essential in determining multicultural models in people. Moreover, the survey found out that culturalism is determined by so many factors that have been ignored yet are crucial. The only limit of this research was that it focused on a particular group of people which is the university students. Besides, the generalizing approach is used in conducting the research failed to made other advancement in the scientific method sufficient making the whole process to be termed biased. Crystal Jiang, L., & Hancock, J. T. (2013). Absence makes the communication grow fonder: Geographic separation, interpersonal media, and intimacy in dating relationships. Journal of Communication, 63(3), 556-577. The article was written to emphasize the essence of constant communication between lovers or those in a relationship. The article looked at how distance relationship would be if there were no communication. Besides, it seemed and the geographical separations and how it impacts the involvement of people. The primary point that was highlighted in the research was that communication and geographic separation between lovers has a lot of impact on any relationship and therefore can affect a relationship. It was a study that was conducted between those who are in a distance relationship and how the relationship has grown over the years. The research methodology, in this case, was an interview where different couples or lovers staying separately were interviewed concerning how their love life was and how their communication has been. The researchers found out that a shift in the pattern of communication due to any other reason or because of geographical separation would make the relationship between the lovers or couples to grow fonder. It recommended that communication was a vital thing in any relationship and has to maintain between the lovers by whatever means. The research was concluded that communication, geographic separation, and interpersonal media have a significant influence on intimacy and therefore affects a relationship. It was realized, however, that long distance relationships were effective and trustworthy than those in the same geographical location if a proper communication. It was only limited to lovers’ relationship yet communication, and geographical separation affects even family relationships. Nevertheless, it failed to efficiently outline the best measures to be used in maintaining both long and short relationships allowing room for further researches to be conducted in the future. However, the conclusion was properly supported and I find it consistent with what is in our class material. Gao, S. (2015). Spatio-temporal analytics for exploring human mobility patterns and urban dynamics in the mobile age. Spatial Cognition & Computation, 15(2), 86-114. It is research that was carried out on humanity to try and explore the human mobility patterns that are always evident in their intra-urban communication dynamics. A sample of people was taken and interviewed on the same as some researchers staged themselves in the cities to observe the mode of communication that was common. Mobile phone analysis was used in this case to determine the primary method of communication in the city and how the geographical locations limit their interaction. The researchers found out that the spatial order of weighted matrix tended to have more significant effects as compared to the temporal neighbours. It, therefore, implied that it had a more considerable influence on the autocorrelation strength of the waves of communications made via hones on an hourly basis. The limitation of this research was that it focused mainly on phone communication yet there are other forms of communications that it should have also relied on and researched on. It thus made it biased and hence unreliable besides it was only made to focus on the mode of communication in town. Alternatively, it failed to make the geographical location a major determinant of the form and pattern of communication. Nevertheless, despite it being common knowledge that communication is hindered by cultural diversities and ethnic groups, it failed to recognize this making it inaccurate. Guo, B., Yu, Z., Zhou, X., & Zhang, D. (2014, March). From participatory sensing to mobile crowd sensing. In Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops (PERCOM Workshops), 2014 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 593-598). IEEE. The article was written to outline the relationship that exists between communication and advancement in technology and how it has affected the way of communication in different regions. The article points out that the mode of communication differs in many areas based on the network system that is instilled in that particular area. Enhance technological signals through IEEE would facilitate phone communication even if there is an enormous crowd of people. It was research that was done through survey and observation on how people adopted the use of technology. The researchers found out that communication in the crowd could be enhanced through employing a proper technology which would boost the network in an area or region. It is in this regard that IEEE was mandated to improve communication patterns of people while in crowds. The limitation of this research was that it was selective and thus focused on crowded areas only yet communication is also experienced in the local areas. It failed do outline some other determinants of effective communication that are also vital. Lê Cook, B., Wayne, G. F., Kafali, E. N., Liu, Z., Shu, C., & Flores, M. (2014). Trends in smoking among adults with mental illness and association between mental health treatment and smoking cessation. Jama, 311(2), 172-182. The article was written to reduce the prevalence of tobacco in in the states more so the aged and its sessional effects to all those who use it and have a mental illness. It was a study that was conducted between those people who have the smoking problem and the general public. It was a survey that was carried out on the residents of US adult who had mental illnesses and other mental health disorder compared to the rate of smoking on those who were adult and were healthy. In the survey, a sample of people of about 132,333 with a mental disorder was used to and was compared to a sample of those who smoke and are not mentally ill of 32,133. The primary method that was used in this survey was open interviews. It was recorded and for those who could write were asked to note down their responses. The research found out that those who had smoked in the last thirty days were operational fulltime smokers. It was also realized that all those who were currently smoking had colossal smocking sensation that was likely going to affect their health. Alternatively, it was recognized that smoking habit declined significantly among those without mental illnesses which were a significant change compared to those with mental illnesses. The rate was slightly hirer for those who had mental illnesses. It was concluded, that the rat of smoking at that time did decline significantly on those receiving psychological treatment compared to those who were mentally well with those undergoing medical treatment having a higher quitting rates compared those who are healthy. The research conclusion is supported entirely by the inferences made by the author. Even though the research appears biased. Other possibilities were left out on the research, but I think the major ones were covered in the study and therefore there the research is inconsistent with what I have learned in class. Corrigan, P. W., Druss, B. G., & Perlick, D. A. (2014). The impact of mental illness stigma on seeking and participating in mental health care. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 15(2), 37-70. This article was developed to highlight the impacts of mental illness stigma on those who seek and yarn in participating in mental health care. It was to help in reducing the stigma that these people who are mentally ill do face in all their endeavours to seek medical attention. It was a medical survey determined at the hospital. It was realized that understanding stigma was an essential effort of finding treatment engagement. The limitation of this research is that it focused on stigma in medical care yet there are so many issues that are affecting healthcare units that are much significant than this one. The author has conducted a thorough research efficiently and provided concrete evidence to support the research. There was no bias in the study as it was focused on a specific topic. The conclusion is exclusively endorsed and makes sense with what is learned. It, therefore, does fit with my understanding of the topic. I agree with the author on the research methodology and inferences made. Kohn-Wood, L., & Hooper, L. (2014). Cultural competency, culturally tailored care, and the primary care setting: Possible solutions to reduce racial/ethnic disparities in mental health care. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 36(2), 173-188. The article was written to address the racial and ethnic minority issues that are rampant in the states, and that could not be treated or classified as psychiatric disorders. The clinicians and researchers over the years had worked tirelessly to reduce health and all the health care disparities which they never achieved. It was a survey that was conducted based on how the medical practitioners do struggle to reduce the health care disparities to make health centres a conducive place for people to rely on in case of health complications. It was realized and concluded that the best way to reduce or minimize the increasing instances of racism and ethnic minorities, cultural priorities was to be emphasized. It was therefore crucial that competent cultural practices be tailored during health assessment, in the diagnosis, and in treatment. The survey was limited to racial and ethnic minority groups, yet it should have focused on all the essential elements that are that has defined the process of provision of proper medical services o mental disorders. The author has made logical argument and presentation of evidence as per the course material of this topic. All the evidence and methodology used in this research prove worthwhile for use. Despite trying to include all the possible possibilities, some are left out but the ones covered are major and cannot jeopardize the finding made. All the argument presented are precisely supported, and it is in line with the class materials and what has been learned before.

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