Financial Accounting : Excel Workbook Calculations

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Final Project Part II

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Part II Prompt:

For this section of your employment exam, you will select two companies. The first company (Target). The second
needs to be a competitor of the first company (Walmart) from the same industry. You will be responsible for collecting, synthesizing, and making decisions regarding both
companies. After evaluating these companies’ financial data, you will then decide which company’s stock is the better investment.

This section of your employment examination must be submitted in two parts. Part A will contain the workbooks that house all of your quantitative data and
formulas, along with any of the information that is relevant for your chosen companies. Part B will contain your answers to the questions asked below,
composed in a cohesive manner. If you are referring to data that is found within the workbooks in Part A, be sure to include a citation—for example, “rate of
return is 3.570 USD (E64, WB2),” where E64 is the cell that the calculation took place in and WB2 is designating “workbook 2.” This ensures that your instructor
can quickly and accurately check data entry, formula use, and financial calculations.

** You have to be familiar with financial accouting and formulas to successfully complete this assignment**

** I pulled all the financial data for both companies and entered it all unto the excel workbook attached below **

** PLEASE review the Part 2 of the rubric attached thoroughly to ensure everything element is completed **

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