Find a child (0-12 years of age) and parent(s) who are willing to allow you to perform at least 30-45 minutes of observation. Written permission must be obtained from one parent. This consent form mus

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  • Find a child (0-12 years of age) and parent(s) who are willing to allow you to perform at least 30-45 minutes of observation. Written permission must be obtained from one parent. T

    his consent form must be signed Download

    This consent form must be signed  (original signature only, not electronic) and submitted in the appropriate area to receive credit. For reasons of objectivity, do not observe a child that lives in the same home as you.
  • Inform the parent that you will not be supervising the child, but simply observing. Also inform the parent that you will not be able to offer any recommendation or feedback regarding any aspect of the child’s behavior (such as diagnosis or developmental state). Depending on the situation, you might be able to avoid the child’s knowledge that you are present. It is acceptable to observe a child through video call. If the situation warrants an introduction or explanation as to your presence, ask the parent to keep it simple (for instance, “Susie is going to work on her homework.”) Do not inform the child that (s)he is being observed. Do not complete an observation during school, even with parental permission, unless the child is in home school.
  • Choose a situation in which you think interesting behavior might occur. You might consider the park, birthday party, family dinner, sporting event or practice, homework time, church activities, etc. You are to avoid, if possible, direct interaction with the child. Try to observe such behaviors as: general activities, activity of specific parts of the body, attention span, play, language, parent-child interactions, peer-child interactions, eating, television viewing, etc. Make detailed notes on what you observe. You may wish to make a list of activities you expect to observe before you perform the observation. Then, during the observation, note how often the behaviors occur and make specific comments on the behavior. Make sure you concentrate on the child and are not carrying on conversations or performing other activities at the same time.
  • First, submit supplemental documents. You must submit the

    parental consent form AND your written notes here

    in order to receive credit for your observation post. Posts without completed consent form and notes will automatically receive zero credit.
  • Submit your discussion post below. The original post will contain the following information (20 points total)

    1. Describe the child, including their age, gender, and general characteristics. DO NOT use the child’s name. You may wish to use a pseudonym (fake name). (5 points)
    2. Discuss the observation period. Avoid posting a dry chronology. As you discuss the observation, point out THREE course concepts and make note of how the child illustrated these concepts. One concept should relate to physical development, one to cognitive development, and one to socioemotional development. (10 points)
    3. Reflect on the observational technique. What are strengths, as well as faults/ limitations, of conducing a naturalistic observation on children? What thoughts did you have while you conducted this observation? (5 points)

Find a child (0-12 years of age) and parent(s) who are willing to allow you to perform at least 30-45 minutes of observation. Written permission must be obtained from one parent. This consent form mus
The University of Texas Permian Basin follows ethical guidelines established by the American Psychological Association and the Campus Ethical Review Board. This class project has been review by the Campus Ethics Committee and has been approved for use in the educational purpose of training students to be aware of developmental processes during the life-span. Students in the class will observe a child for the purposes stated above. The student ________________________________ (insert student’s name), must have your written permission in order to conduct the observation After reading this informed consent form, if you approve of the process and student use, please sign and date below. The student will send this consent form to the instructor who will use it to verify that the student has followed consent guidelines. Your child’s and your information will remain anonymous and the consent forms will be protected by electronic password that is instructor accessible only. After the class semester is over, the permission slips will be destroyed. Each student in the Life-Span class will observe a child between the ages of 0-12. Your cooperation is appreciated. However, if at any time you wish to withdraw from the process, you may do so and the student will stop and destroy the information gathered and the permission slip. You may keep a copy of this informed consent form. The student cannot divulge your/ your child’s identity to other students. The student will summarize what he or she has learned and how it relates to theories and concepts in the class. The student will submit the final product to the instructor and to the class. Other students will look at each other’s submissions and briefly describe how their own observations were similar or different from other students’. No identities of participants are made available at any time. I consent for my child to be observed for this class project and agree that my/ my child’s information may be used as described above. Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: __________________

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