Finish the FINAL Personal Reflection Paper about VOICE AND DICTION

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Give specific example and explanation , I don’t need the definition of those term I want to know how you use it .

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All the work must be original.

I already attached the critical vocal concept list below, you have to use some terms to finish those questions. such as

  1. What challenged you personally with this class? (In general) What did you discover about yourself and what areas specifically has your confidence level grown in using your voice?

answer: I think vocal delivery could be a challenge for me because i think it’s so difficult to accomplish my goals as a speaker without gaining and keeping my audience’s attention. However, I learn that i can improve it with improve the basic qualities of vocal expression such as power, pace and pitch. Also i can use body language to express myself greatly.In this area my confidence level has growing up in using my voice.

  • Grading is reflective on amount of thought and introspection given, as well, the ability to use some of the critical vocabulary/concepts learned through out the semester.

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