FIU Employment Brand Case Studies

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Case 1: Giving Time to Get Employees Engaged

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  1. Identify other companies that offer volunteer programs and compare their programs to that at Cadence. What are some of the outcomes those companies have achieved regarding employee recruiting, engagement, or retention?
  2. As a future job seeker, how important would a company’s charitable work be in your job search decision? Research this aspect of recruiting and retention to learn if workers in the Millennial generation and Generation Z value this more than Generation X or Baby Boomer workers. How might this affect companies in the future.
Case: General Electric Hires Marketing Expert to Build Employment Brand
  1. How would you evaluate General Electric’s decision to hire an individual with a marketing background to lead the company’s recruiting efforts? Do you think this approach would work in other organizations?
  2. What are some ways that employers can use their brands to enhance the recruitment of employees? What current issues could be connected to a brand in order to recruit qualified and motivated employees?
Case 3: “To Test, or Not to Test, That Is the Question” for Amtrak, Integra LifeSciences
  1. Explain why it is or is not a good practice to use personality tests in employee selection. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of personality tests used in this way?
  2. Evaluate the rationale used by Amtrak and Integra Life Sciences to justify using or not using personality tests. Do you agree with these decisions?
  3. Imagine that you are the Chief HR Officer for a company that is considering the use of personality tests to make better selection decisions. What advice would you provide your executive leadership team? What issues would be the most critical in your development of company policy?

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