Freedom of Religion and the Work Place Discussion help

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This country is extremely diverse when we look at religion and this can, and does, have implications for the workplace. Is it possible to affirm our different religious (and nonreligious) world views in the workplace yet still be good employees? 

For the purposes of this discussion please complete the following.

1.  Click on the link for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Once on the page click on “Religion” and carefully read the page.

2. Respond to the following questions.

a.What role, if any, do you believe religion plays in the workplace?

b.How far should a workplace be required to go to accommodate religious practice? (i.e. religious holidays, daily prayer time, religious expression at work (religious symbols in offices, saying “God bless you” on voice mail recordings)

c.Is it possible to affirm our different religious (and nonreligious) beliefs in the workplace and still be good employees and co-workers? Please explain.

As we watch the political debates, religion comes up a lot! You may address the issue of religious beliefs in the occupation of President of the US. Is this important to you?

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