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You have following information on
exchange rate:




Jan 2010



Mar 2010



For the period of 01/2010 to 03/2010,
which of the following statement is correct?

A. GBP appreciates against USD and HKD
depreciates against USD

B. GBP depreciates against USD and HKD
appreciates against USD

C. USD appreciate against both GBP and HKD

D. None of the above

that there is no transaction cost and you observe the following quotation:
1. USD/HKD: 0.1250
2. JPY/USD: 116.20
3. HKD/JPY: 0.062
If you have HKD1,000,000 and you try triangular arbitrage, which is the correct
way of trade:


B. HKD==> à
USD==> à
JPY==> à

C. HKD==> à JPY

D. HKD à==>
JPY ==>à
USD ==>à

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