Hello please read it properly i attached all the files please see it i also attached topic file you have to work in it. i also attached rubrics screenshot work according to it. I attached professor fe

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Hello please read it properly i attached all the files please see it i also attached topic file you have to work in it. i also attached rubrics screenshot work according to it. I attached professor feedback file i want 17/20 grades because this is my last chance to pass this subject.


Your purpose in this task is to complete your research project, which will include:

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  • Employing critical thinking to analyze source, voice, bias, meaning, argument, and evidence.
  • Applying the three-step process (plan, write, revise) to complete a polished final essay.
  • Applying knowledge of standard Canadian English Grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

This assignment is an opportunity for you to write the report that expresses your answer to the research question you set for yourself. This is an individual assignment.


This assignment will evaluate the following course learning outcomes:

  1. Use active reading strategies to identify and question key aspects of college-level texts.
  2. Employ Standard English Grammar to produce complete and coherent written sentences in a variety of contexts.
  3. Apply appropriate academic style guidelines in written texts to credit sources of information and model academic integrity.
  4. Organize main ideas and supporting information using logical structures to communicate clearly and convincingly in academic or professional writing contexts.
  5. Select relevant and credible sources of information to answer questions, solve problems, and support interpretations.
  6. Combine critical thinking and information from secondary sources to produce writing that is capable of answering questions and/or solving problems relevant to academic or professional applications.
  7. Develop a research project through various preliminary stages to acquire constructive feedback, perform self-assessment, and incorporate revisions to produce a final written draft that meets the expectations of audience and purpose.


  1. Review your Research Project First Draft and make changes as necessary.
  2. Use the following resources to inform your review: the rubric for the Research Project Final Draft, samples of student writing posted to the course shell, instructional materials posted to the course shell, feedback you have received from your instructor on your Research Project First Draft and Detailed Outline.
  3. Remember that the Research Project Final Draft is a continuation of the topic and question you have been exploring throughout the Research Project Proposal, Detailed Outline, and First Draft assignments. Do not write your Research Project Final Draft on a new topic unless you have received explicit instructions / approval from your instructor.
  4. Double-check that all text references (that includes both quoted and paraphrased ideas) are correctly quoted (when appropriate), cited, and documented according to APA @ Conestoga style guidelines.
  5. Double-check your Research Project Final Draft using the checklist providedOpens in a new tab.
  6. Double-check that the format for your paper follows APA @ Conestoga style guidelines, including the following:

    • 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font
    • Double-spaced lines
    • Page numbers in the top right corner of the page
    • A title page according to this format from

      [email protected]

      in a new tab
    • A Reference Page following

      [email protected]

      documentation style

Hello please read it properly i attached all the files please see it i also attached topic file you have to work in it. i also attached rubrics screenshot work according to it. I attached professor fe
7 Student Name-Hiren Prajapati Student Number-8873939 Conestoga College Comm reading and writing section 38 Course Instructor-Murrielle Michaund Thesis topic: E-COMMERCE DIGITAL MARKETING ENABLES CLOTHING COMPANIES TO EXPAND THEIR MARKETING OPERATIONS FROM THE LOCAL MARKET IN UNITED STATES TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD In United States only, a population of 218.8 million has subscribed to online shopping whereby each person has spent an average of $5,381 by the year 2023 (Ponzoa et al, 2023). Due to technological development and an increase in the number of online retailers, E-commerce digital marketing is replacing traditional media when it comes to capturing a number of customers. Amazon is an example of one of the largest corporations which have succeeded in e-commerce digital marketing whereby it has been able to capture a vast market globally. Thesis statement: E-commerce digital marketing enables new online clothing companies to expand their business operations from the local market of United States to all parts of the world. Search engine optimisation (SEO) on e-commerce digital marketing A large population of people in all parts of the world are continuously using their smart phones to browse through the internet for various reasons which include entertainment or to search for new trends. Online businesses which have an active website needs to capture the attention of such people through optimizing on how the number of people who visits their website. The following are some of the strategies that online businesses can use to maximize on their online sales. Ways of improving the site Online businesses should only share quality content which should be appealing to a potential client. This includes presenting a good image of the company to clients and assuring the clients that the company has a higher capability to provide better services than what other organizations are willing to do. The website should provide clients with an opportunity to navigate through all products and services offered by the company through keyword phrases. Well formulated keyword phrases increases the chances of tracing the website in case a client searches for any of the keyword phrases. Online businesses should often update published content which can be done through setting up a schedule of updating the content. The content should always be relevant based on modern trends. When sharing links, online businesses should ensure that they are appealing to the customers which will attract them to follow up on the links. Benefits of search engine optimization The first benefit is that it will increase the traffic on the number of people who will be willing to purchase products of the company. It lowers the cost of advertising since the company will not have to pay for online influencers. It is an effective way of building the company’s brand name since a large number of clients will interact with the website. Due to growing online marketing competition, SEO will enable the business to remain competitive with other companies which sell similar products and services. It will also enable the company to build trust from its clients since they feel connected to the company through its website (Samuel, 2013). Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising At times online marketers who need to develop their businesses to high heights have to focus on ways of ensuring that more clients visits their websites. PPC creates an opportunity for them to increase the number of times such websites are visited through paying each time someone clicks on the link to the website. This is often due in popular websites whereby links of the business are placed within the websites and anytime a client clicks on the links, the business owner pays for the advert to the website owner. Benefits of pay-per-click It is cost effective since it allows the business to budget for the number of clicks compared to other methods whereby the website is expected to pay influencers (Ian, 2016). It makes engine search more effective since the products are posted first each time a client searches for a product that is related to the business. It increases traffic since more clients are directed to the products. It is also important to the business since it creates an opportunity for the business to advertise various products using a single Ad. Social Media Advertising Social Media Advertising is one of the most common and effective method of digital marketing whereby paid media is used to promote businesses there are various channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram among others. Various businesses can pick the most effective platform depending on the number of people it influences. People’s behaviour in a specific region can be determined which helps in determining the most effective advertising method which should be used to capture their attention (Fred, 2018). Benefits of social media advertising It enables an organization to create brand awareness in specific regions whereby they are free to customize the adverts depending on the targeted market type and needs. An example is that the method used to advertise a Coca Cola product can vary from one region to another. It is a more advanced method since it engages clients whereby they are free to share their feedback on the services received. They can also share with others therefore widening the product’s market. It enables the business to advertise products in various formats based on the needs of the targeted clients. Conclusion There are several methods of e-commerce digital marketing which allows online businesses to reach out to a large number of clients. The most common methods are Search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, and social media advertising. The most important issue is that various e-commerce methods vary based on a company’s advertising budget and needs. This allows flexibility on the most effective method and also creates a room for change in case a method fails to meet the intended marketing objectives. E-commerce advertising methods are future oriented since they keep on advancing therefore allowing companies to target new clients from various parts of the world. References Fred, B. (2018). Engagement with Social Media and Social Media Advertising: The Differentiating Role of Platform Type. Routledge, Abingdon, Vol.47 (1), p.38-54. https://librarysearch.conestogac.on.ca/discovery/fulldisplay?docid=cdi_proquest_journals_2007392227&context=PC&vid=01OCLS_CONEST:CONEST〈=en&search_scope=MyInst_and_CI&adaptor=Primo%20Central&tab=Everything&query=any,contains,social%20media%20advertising&offset=0 Ian, D. (2016). Pay Per Click. John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey, p.45-90. https://librarysearch.conestogac.on.ca/discovery/fulldisplay?docid=cdi_wiley_eboo_10_1002_9781119267102_ch03_ch03&context=PC&vid=01OCLS_CONEST:CONEST〈=en&search_scope=MyInst_and_CI&adaptor=Primo%20Central&tab=Everything&query=any,contains,Pay-per-click(PPC)%20advertising&offset=10 Samuel, S. (2013). Search engine optimisation to improve your visibility online. BMJ Publishing Group Limited, London, Vol.35 (6), p.346-349. https://librarysearch.conestogac.on.ca/discovery/fulldisplay?docid=cdi_proquest_journals_1780990791&context=PC&vid=01OCLS_CONEST:CONEST〈=en&search_scope=MyInst_and_CI&adaptor=Primo%20Central&tab=Everything&query=any,contains,Search%20engine%20optimisation%20in%20online%20business,AND&mode=advanced&offset=0 Ponzoa, J. M., Gómez, A., & Arilla, R. (2023). Business interest associations in the USA and Europe: evaluation of digital marketing techniques applied on their websites and social networks. Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy, (ahead-of-print). https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/JEC-10-2022-0164/full/html
Hello please read it properly i attached all the files please see it i also attached topic file you have to work in it. i also attached rubrics screenshot work according to it. I attached professor fe
Global reach through e-commerce digital marketing for clothing companies Hiren Prajapati 8873939 Business marketing, Conestoga College College reading and writing skill/1085 Murrielle Michaud Global reach through e-commerce digital marketing for clothing companies We do not need to use a section heading for the introduction. Margins are set at 2.54 centimetres (1 inch), and the first line of every paragraph is indented using the “tab” key, which is set to half the size of the margin. The entire essay, including the references page is double-spaced. The font for the whole essay, including the reference page is 12-point Arial (other fonts may be acceptable–see the [email protected] webpage for details). The thesis statement is, most often, found at the end of the introduction paragraph. The thesis statement comprises the writer’s opinion/point-of-view/argument plus—and this is very important—clear expressions of the main ideas the writer will use to explore and develop the thesis. For an essay this size, these main ideas should match the level one headings. Level One Heading The level one heading is centred, bold, and uses title case (all the ‘big’ words are capitalized). Again, the font is the same for the whole essay, including the level headings. Remember, the first line of every paragraph must be indented. This template has already been set up to indent the first line of each paragraph, so all you need to do is hit ‘enter’ when you want a new paragraph. In order for the formatting to work, please start typing at the start of this paragraph and delete the rest of this text (only keep your text). Level Two Heading The only difference between the Level 1 Heading and the Level 2 Heading is that level two is left justified instead of centered. Notice the headings are not indented. Like the Level 1 Heading, Level 2 is bold, and uses title case (all the ‘big’ words are capitalized). Level three heading The only difference between Level 3 and the Level 2 is that the Level 3 Heading is in italics. References Use the Refences Page style above to automatically apply the hanging indent and double-spaced format required on the references page. Note: you will have to add italics as necessary, and you will have to arrange your references in alphabetical order. Remember, the word “References” is a Level 1 heading, and it starts on a new page.


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