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Tame or Fear the Tiger?

In Week 2, you were introduced to the influence of geography on an industrial
revolution and its impact on culture, economy, and global positioning on the
respective country or realm. In this week’s Discussion, you are exploring a new
type of revolution in today’s global economy and the geographical elements that
facilitate this type of new economical and industrial movement. In your reading
this week, there are four areas in the Pacific Rim that are identified as economic
tigers. These areas have succeeded by strategically using their geographical
location, economical resources, and human capital to grow quickly despite their
small size and political difficulties. In this Application, you will evaluate
these tigers and ultimately answer the question of whether these economic
tigers pose a threat to the global economy.

To prepare for this Application:

Review your Application Assignment from Week 2(The Effects of Europe’s Industrial Revolution)
and the Discussion (outsourcing to India) from this week.

Review pages (Hong Kong), (Taiwan), (Thailand), (Singapore)
regarding East Asia’s economic tigers in the course text, The World Today:
Concepts and Regions in Geography (6th Ed.).

Consider the geographical, economical, and human elements
that have propelled these areas to economic tiger status.

Reflect on what defines an economic tiger.

The assignment:

Compose a 2-page essay in which you answer the following:

Define the concept of “economic tiger.”

Choose one economic tiger and evaluate how it used
geographical, economical, and human factors to its advantage. Find at least
three elements of the economic tiger you chose that compare to the elements of
the European Industrial Revolution, and the current revolution occurring in

In your opinion, should economic tigers be feared or tamed?

If you chose “feared,” how does this impact other
global economies and powers? If you chose ‘”tamed,” how should other
global powers tame them?

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