History essay question based on discussions in class.

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Discuss the nation’s finances under the presidency of George Washington. What plan did secretary of the treasury Alexander Hamilton propose and why did he support it? Why did Thomas Jefferson and James Madison disagree with Hamilton, how did each side support their opposition, and how were their differences ultimately resolved? Finally, discuss Washington’s first encounter with foreign policy and how it led to political faction.

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MLA format, intro, body paragraphs, and conclusions. No works cited needed, this essay isn’t supposed to really be researched based, being all the info he gives us is from the textbook I will state below.. so its not supposed to sound like it came from the internet but IF NEEDED to look something up to make sure its exact then thats fine. It is MINIMUM 2 PAGES UP TO 4, BUT I WILL only ask for 2 full pages this time, just as long as ALL the information asked in the question is thorough and answers the essay question asked above:)


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