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A good leader consists of, but is not limited to, someone that is willing to make tough decisions in the face of criticism and turmoil, someone who is mentally sharp and morally straight but understands servant hearted leadership, and someone who does the work to understand complex ideas and topics but has the ability to communicate them simply.

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According to Parrot (2009) Great leaders don’t avoid criticism, rather they share their ideas with their biggest critics prior to making decisions. James 3:1 says that not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that those who teach will be judged more strictly. As leaders we will be in the spotlight and we will be criticized because our job is to make educated decisions. Facing your biggest critics and more importantly having the ability to accept tough criticism can be the best tool leaders have to improve decision making.

Matthew 20:26 says, Instead whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant. Many in our society today see leaders as those in the spotlight, charismatic, outspoken leaders that others are in awe of. Parrot (2009) states that true leadership comes from those that understand that putting the ideas and needs of others above their own builds cohesive trust in your ability, accelerating the successful outcome of your vision.

Great leaders understand that their vision and plan is communicated to, and executed by others. Communicating passionately and understandably, then realistically and personally is what Parrot (2009) says is the most important quality of a leader. The vision and plan must inspire and challenge those around but without understanding that everyone doesn’t see the world or situation as you do takes hard work to comprehend but communicate simply. Baldwin, Bommer and Rubin (2013) say that leaders have to involve the thoughts, minds and input of their employees, but first must communicate to them simply.

These three elements of leadership have best been demonstrated in my life by my father. As a Marine my father had the tendency to be aggressive when speaking and was always leading troops. On the other hand he had the ability to communicate his intent with his children in ways that made me feel he was working for me as a servant.


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