How you see an event as compared to how your partner sees the same event, journal entry help

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You are going to identify one personal relationship and
analyze a situation. Your relational partner must be at least 18 years of age; before that age many
adolescent variables would influence how the interaction might play out. You
may select your son or daughter, your boss on the job, your mom or dad, your
girlfriend or boyfriend, even a sibling or best friend could be used. The only
rule other than age is this must be an important relationship, you know, one
that is worth analyzing.

Purpose for Assignment: Demonstrate that you know how to use the theory or concept
in this course to understand and explain your own relationship interactions. It
is also hoped you will gain a deeper understanding of an important relationship
in your life.

Journal 1: Perception – how you see an event as compared to how your partner sees
the same event.

One theory or concept for analysis

1 page in length

entry MUST be organized exactly as
outlined below:


Context: Type the context at the top of this section (you will write
the context of the interaction – where and when it occurred.) If you are unsure
of what we mean by context of interpersonal interactions, read about it online
and in the text. Remember, we use theory to explain, not general terms. For the
Challenges Entry, your incident will focus on just one challenge from
the following: jealousy, termination of a relationship, the impact of distance
on a relationship, or deception. See the textbook and online lessons for
information about how theories and concepts help us understand challenges in
important relationships.

Interaction: Here, write the actual event, giving enough detail of what
occurred so the analysis will be easily understood. Most people find it easier
to write in a narrative form rather than a dialogue form, but it is your
choice. The “Description” portion is about ½ page in length.


Begin by writing the name of the
theory or concept
(USE CAPS AND bold face so it is obvious to me)
and write a 1 or 2 sentence explanation of the theory or concept, so it is
clear you know what the theory or concept means. The theory or concept you
choose should come directly from the chapter applying to the lesson. So, for
the conflict journal, the theories and concepts you use to analyze your
experience should come from the chapter dealing with conflict.

Now, APPLY the theory or concept to
the event you have described above. In this area you will explain why this
theory or concept helps us to understand the interaction YOU PROVIDED IN THE

NOTE: Short entries will lose points

NO FLUFF – I want theory
  As with all assignments,
writing errors will damage your grade. Edit your work carefully; this is a
college level course and college level writing is expected. All assignments are
accessed through the lessons and submitted there.  The bulk of your
writing will be in the Analysis portion, not the Description portion.

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