Here is the zoom recorded link you can access let

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Here is the zoom recorded link you can access let me know fi you can’t access it, Nishal demonstrate start from 1.22.22 second. you have to complete the steps from 5, 6 and 7. Steps 1, 2, 3, 4 are already completed see HW7 Here is the zoom recorded link you can access let
Fall 202 2 CIS 525 HW 8 – Preparing for Final Project (Step 2) Date last modifie d: 202 2_11_08 Preparation for Final Project: HW8 Implementing the three tiers – using a get api • One submission for the entire group (not individual assignments) Everyone in the group will get the same grade on this HW. • In this step you will demonstrate what Nishal demonstrated in class on Nov 1. The lecture is recorded via Zoom. • You will have a fully functional 3 -tier application. It does not have to be public at this point, but you must include screen shots and documentation . I will pick on some people to demo, others will have to demo next HW. • You only need to display something like the student list (based on your theme) . A simple GET api. Later we will include G ET and pass a parameter (but not required for this HW). We will also implement full CRUD in next HW. Documentation: Submit assignment to Canvas (Assignment 8) as Word or PDF and include the following: Student Name and Section Number: One for entire Group (not one for each student) Website Technologies: Front End, Middle Tier, Back End – give short summary for each and what team members contributed in each of these. Website issues – include installation issues etc (this can be separated by tea m members) Summary about single page – using Get API, include web and code screen shots. Homework Summary: ( 100 – 200 words): learning topics from this lab or other summary comments. You will be submitting two files: A documentation file and a website zip ped file: Future plans (short summary) next assignment will implement CRUD .

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