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As you have learned, the Human Development Index is a list of factors that are ranked by the UN, and indicate the quality of life for an average citizen of a given country. For this assignment, you are to choose a country that ranks low on the Human Development Index and prepare a report on it. In your report, you will compare four (or more) factors that explain why your chosen country has a  lower HDI than Canada. You will also include a section on your ideas for solutions to poverty for your chosen country. Poverty is always a factor in a low HDI. 

Use this website to choose: Human Development Reports. Scroll down the page for the ranking list. Choose a country on the “Low Human Development” list.  Clicking on the country’s name will take you to a page that shows the statistics that have lead to the low Human Development rating (click on the button that says ‘Open All’).

Next, in a new tab, look at the statistics for Canada (note that is 2011, Canada was rated 6th in the world!).  Your job in this assignment is to find out which statistics are leading to the difference in ranking between Canada and your chosen country, and prepare a report.

Common statistics that may lead a country to have a higher or lower ranking include life expectancy, years of schooling, GDP, and maternal mortality rate (the number of women per 100,000 births that die in childbirth). For example, Canada’s maternal mortality rate is 12 – so out of 100,000 women who give birth per year, 12 die. The maternal mortality rate of Pakistan, ranked 145 in the world, is 260, more than 20 times Canada’s rate. 

There will be two parts to your presentation:

Part 1: Comparing statistics The comparison of at least 4 of HDI indicators in which Canada outranks your chosen country, and an explanation of how these HDI factors in particular drag your chosen country down in the rankings. 24 marks

Part 2: Solutions to poverty Poverty is almost always a factor when a country is low on the HDI. read up on possible soultions to poverty, and, choose 2-3 you think will work for your country, and explain how they work, and why you think they would help your country. This part should be 2-3 well edited paragraphs written in proper paragraph format. Use websites like this to research your solutions: Ten Solutions to Poverty 12 marks

Download the template to organize the information you will use to create your presentation: Standard of Living Project Template

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