I need an appraisal journal research project

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ONE specific research project is required as this is an introductory course on appraisal. You will be required to read and evaluate an article from The Appraisal Journal Outlines and requirement are posted on the course web site. Grading will be based on the following adjustments to the final course grade: +1.5 points on the final grade for high pass, 0 points on the final grade for a pass, -2.0 points for a low pass and -3.5 points for a non-submission. So, the research assignment is required and will impact the grade. KEY concept: do the assignment.

Find an article from The Appraisal Journal (go to www.googlescholar.com and type “The Appraisal Journal” and you will see many articles and links that are costless).

Provide the following:

1. Correct citation.

2. Short abstract telling me what the findings are.

3. Paragraph on application to the real world. What are takeaways?

No more than ONE page single spaced 12 point font.

Partial learning outcome. There are answers to many questions that can be found easily through looking at existing research.

this is the link to the article i need to write it on

Stigma, environmental risk and property value: 10 critical inquiries


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