i need essay

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1 introduction paragraph

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three sections, each section has about 4 paragraphs,

then one conclusion

References and sources can be the same ones, just make them APA style

this is how i want the essay, the essay has to be on dbs, on the same research question you chose for the research paper.

The research question was “does deep brain stimulation abilities counter its limitations in controlling chronic symptoms in motor dysfunctions and psychiatric illnesses”.

I cant change the question now, if i do then i have to give different outlines and different research proposals and so much stuff all over again.

The first paragraph will be the introduction, in it you will introduce the research question.

Then you will introduce what dbs is and talk about some background information and how it started and so on for maybe a paragraph after the introduction, just so the reader has some information on it. Then you could choose three different sections for the paper.

The first section, for example, could be on the what dbs is and its limitations and disadvantages in chronic symptoms in motor dysfunctions and paychiatric illnesses and stuff. You can talk about why dbs is limited and so on. You can talk about alternatives and the problems the patients would face and so on.

You can write section 2 based on the reasons why dbs can counter the limitations, and you can talk about its benefits and so on… these are just examples, how you do the sections is upto you. I leave it to you because you will know how to write the whole essay better than me. Make sure you use the sources, the ESSAY SHOULD NOT BE MY OPINION, IT SHOULD BE BASED ON THE SOURCES… i put the writing in capitals to put emphasis. The whole paper has to be neutral, meaning do not choose a side. Present the information the different sources have theough citation and so on. Then write a conclusion…

make the whole paper APA style, and write the references. Also do not bold anything, the professor said nothing should be bolded…

Please dont mention something that the reader will not know what it means, if you use a big word please define it very good and use it in a way which the reader could understand


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