I need help with a Film Critic Paper

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Below is an outline of what this assignment requires.

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Also listed at the bottom are the options of the Films that need to be criticed.

Thank you in advance.

Film Critic Essay Assignment

You are a film critic and are assigned to critique three films that are part of a series and/or trilogy. I ask that you limit your critique to only three films (one trilogy), no matter how many are in a series. You must give a well-rounded critical review of the films (see below for specific elements to discuss). Do NOT write a synopsis of each film. Writing a synopsis is not analyzing the films, it is merely reciting the plot. Study the power points on the content page of this course to review correct terminology and definitions when comparing the films.

Due Sunday, December 9th by 11:30pm (upload into D2L dropbox). Late papers will be accepted and an automatic 20 points taken off the total.1000-word minimum. Paper must be typed. 12-point font preferred, double spaced. This assignment counts for 10% of your overall grade and is considered your Final Exam. Your choice of trilogy/series trio must be pre-approved by the Instructor.

Aspects to discuss in your paper:

Compare the cinematography or shot types in each of the three films. How do all the films appear visually?

Compare design aspects (lighting, costume, makeup, set design) between all three films. Did the design change or shift at all?

Do all three films fit into the series and/or trilogy? Do any of them feel out of place?

Who or what is narrating the films? Does the narration change as you move on to the next film in the series?

Do they form a cohesive story as a whole?

Did any of the characters change? Were any actors replaced for a different actor? How did this affect the films?

If the films are stretched out over a long series of time, how did this expanse affect the series/trilogy?

Would you cut any of the films? Would you recast any of the characters?

You may critique any additional aspects of film or film techniques discussed in this course when comparing these films.

Some examples:

The Godfather trilogy

The Jason Bourne series (5 films in the franchise)

The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit (6 films in the franchise thus far)

The Dark Knight trilogy

The Millennium trilogy (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

Matrix trilogy

The Three Colors trilogy (Red, Blue, White)

The Hannibal series (Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Hannibal Rising)

The Ocean’s trilogy (Ocean’s 11, 12, 13)

Back to the Future trilogy

Star Trek (13 films in the franchise)

Star Wars (3 in the original trilogy/4 prequels, 1 new film)

Planet of the Apes (8 films in the franchise)

Alien (7 films in the franchise – including Prometheus)

Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight trilogy

Mission Impossible series

The Ingmar Bergman series (Through a Glass Darkly (1961), Winter Light (1962), The Silence (1963)

Terminator Series

Die Hard Series

Indiana Jones Series

Toy Story Trilogy

Rush Hour Trilogy


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