Impact of Technology on Society, sociology homework help

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For this discussion, respond to the following:

  • Identify an important example of technology in the culture of the United States, keeping in mind that it should be linked to social interaction in some way.
  • Identify the benefits and drawbacks of this example of technology for the individual (micro level) and society, overall (macro level).
  • It has been said that cultures create their identities through technology. What might this mean? How does your chosen technology identify U.S. culture?
  • A sociologist might argue that many of the problems with technology are not a result of the technology, but of political or cultural shortcomings. How would you interpret this comment, and how does it apply to the technology you have identified?
  • Do you think that Americans’ faith in technology may be misplaced? Do Americans depend too much on technology to solve the problems in their society? Explain your answer.
  • Does technology seem to contribute to or detract from society overall? Why or why not?

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