In counseling, your client treatment plan must stem from the results of the formal assessment. This assignment will prepare you for assessing and treating issues that may be present in sexuality couns

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In counseling, your client treatment plan must stem from the results of the formal assessment. This assignment will prepare you for assessing and treating issues that may be present in sexuality counseling.

Read “The Case of James”:

During an intake evaluation with James, a 32-year-old White male, you learn that he is having marital difficulty and that he has been given an ultimatum by his wife. James’s wife has threatened to leave the marriage. When asked about the issue, James states, “My wife is threatening to take the kids and leave me. She has discovered that I have been having a relationship of sorts with someone I met after work in a bar during happy hour.” James drops his eyes to the floor and fumbles for the words to explain this relationship. He appears embarrassed and unsure of how to continue. Finally, James states that the relationship is with a young man whom he met at a gay bar after work. James states that he has felt a curiosity about being with a man for some time, even before he was married, but tried to push it aside. Recently, since his wife has been so preoccupied with the young children and disinterested in sex, his curiosity grew, and he found himself frequenting a gay bar after work. He has since met someone and has begun to explore a sexual relationship with him. James’s wife found the text messages between them and has confronted James. From the intake process, you learn some general background information related to James and his family. You learn that James and his wife have been married for 4 years. They have 2 children: a daughter, age 3, and a son, age 1. James states he has been unable to gain or maintain an erection for about a year and a half, except when he is alone watching gay pornography. His wife and he have had a limited sexual relationship since the birth of their son. James has been working in his hometown in construction for the past number of years and is typically busy at work, well-liked by the community and his colleagues, and is seen as a leader in the industry. James has been gaining weight and not taking care of himself over the past year or more. He has gained significant weight, has trouble with sleep, and is often moody, distracted, and disengaged at home.

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James is an adult child of an alcoholic father. He was an only child, and his parents are still married. His mother was a stay-at-home mom until he graduated high school and went away to college. She then returned to school and earned 2 degrees, a bachelor’s and a master’s in social work, and now has a private practice. His father was a highly successful businessman but is currently retired. His parents moved to an out-of-state retirement community to be near the ocean. Growing up, James was very close to his mother, but recalls his father being distant and uninterested in his life achievements. James remembers his father being absent from home most of the time due to work obligations. When his father was home, James states, “He would sit in front of the TV watching sports and drinking scotch. He was completely oblivious to my presence.” James states that his mother engages regularly with her grandchildren via FaceTime and Facebook, while his father continues the pattern of being disconnected from the family.

Complete a Treatment Plan form for this client based on best practice or evidence-based therapy.

Identify assessment tools and/or inventories to use with this client.

Describe treatment goals derived from a theoretical approach to sexuality.

Include at least 2 goals and 2 objectives per goal in your treatment plan.

Justify your choice of assessment tools and treatment plan with peer-reviewed research. Your treatment plan should be a minimum of 700–1050 words.

Use the Treatment Plan form located on the College of Social Sciences Resources site for the College of Social Sciences Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling & Mental Health Counseling program.

Include a minimum of 3 sources and a reference page in APA format for the case study you selected, as well as any supporting resources used in your treatment plan.

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