Individual Project Assignment

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Individual Project Assignment 1 (IPA 1): Ch 1 The Role of Marketing Research
Instructions: How __________(pick an organization from the list on the next page) conducts and uses marketing research in their strategic marketing management? Be sure to read pp. 12-18 in textbook and lecture Slides 18-26 and notes below slides. All your IPA submissions must be typed in a word document. No screenshots, jpeg, pdf or any other file formats are accepted. Do NOT include my instructions or examples; submit your work only.

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1. Identifying and evaluating market opportunities

page1image16304 page1image16624


Discuss 2 relevant trends (e.g., trends could be about consumer, market, or technology) [1 pt]:


2. Analyzing market segments and selecting target markets

page1image20416 page1image21000

Describe the target market. Also, what research tool can help the company understand the target market? Be specific. [1 pt]


page2image712 page2image1296 page2image1776 page2image2096 page2image2560 page2image3304

3. Planning and implementinga marketing mix (4P’s)

Provide a research example for each of the 4P’s (see my examples in notes below slides) [2 pts]: • Product

• Pricing
• Place
• Promotion


page2image7344 page2image7664

4. Analyzing firm performance

page2image8816 page2image9400


How to analyze firm performance? And what type of data? [1 pt]


List of Organizations:

  • A smart home device (e.g., Echo or Nest) company
  • A company that publishes marketing textbooks
  • A store that sells organic foods
  • A manufacturer of outdoor sportswear
  • A manufacturer of pet products and supplies
  • An online dating site

The following attachment are below.

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