Inductive and Deductive Arguments, assignment 3 help

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3: Inductive and Deductive Arguments

In this assignment, you
will apply key concepts covered in the module readings. You will identify the
component parts of arguments and differentiate between various types of
arguments such as inductive and deductive. You will then construct specific,
original arguments.

There are two parts
to the assignment. Complete both parts. The following is a summary of the
assignment tasks.

Part 1

  • 1a: Identify Components of

    Identify the component parts of the argument, premises and conclusion, for
    the passages. Where applicable, highlight key words or phrases that
    identify a claim as a premise or a conclusion. Part 1a has three

1) Sue is pregnant and
will give birth to one child. (Premise) We know already that this child has no
genetic anomalies.(Premise) If Sue’s baby is a boy, he will be named Mark.
(Conclusion) If Sues baby is a girl, she will be named Margaret. (Conclusion)
Sue will have either a girl or a boy (Premise) so we know Sue’s baby will be
named Mark or Margaret. (Conclusion)

  The term ‘so’ is the key word that indicates a
conclusion to the above mentioned claim is to follow.

2) If the library has
The Lord of the Rings, you won’t find it on the first floor. (Premise) This is
because all fantasy novels are fiction and all works of fiction are housed on
the second floor of the library. (Premise) Of course, I am assuming that all
the books are properly shelved at this time. “Conclusion”

 “Of course” is a key word
indicating the claim is the Conclusion.

3) “After a year, brain
scans showed that among the walkers, the hippocampus had increased in volume by
about 2 percent on average; in the others, it had declined by about 1.4
percent. (Premise) Since such a decline is normal in older adults, ’a 2 percent
increase is fairly significant,’ said the lead author, Kirk Erickson, a
psychologist at the University of Pittsburgh. (Conclusion) Both groups also
improved on a test of spatial memory, but the walkers improved more. (Premise) While
it is hard to generalize from this study to other populations, the researchers
were delighted to learn that the hippocampus might expand with exercise”. (Conclusion)

  “While” is the key word that indicates a conclusion to
the above mentioned claim is to follow.

  • 1b: Identify Arguments as
    Inductive or Deductive 

    Identify the arguments as inductive or deductive for given passages. Offer
    a brief explanation why each argument is either inductive or deductive. 1b
    has three questions.

Part 2

  • 2a: Argument Identification and Analysis
    In these longer text passages, identify the key components of each
    argument. For each argument, list the main conclusion and the reasons (or
    premises) that support the conclusion.
  • 2b: Constructing Original

    Construct one original inductive argument. Using 75–100 words, explain why
    the argument is an inductive one. Then, construct one original deductive
    argument. Using 75–100 words, explain why the argument is a deductive one.
  • 2c: Finding Native Argument

    Find one example of an argument from contemporary media; this can be a
    short argument. Include or reproduce the original passage of the argument,
    paraphrase the conclusion(s), and identify the argument as either
    inductive or deductive. Using 75–100 words, explain why the argument is
    either inductive or deductive.

Download details for this assignment here and
respond to each item thoroughly.

Submit your assignment
in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following
file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M1_A3.doc. For example, if your
name is John Smith, your document will be named SmithJ_M1_A3.doc.

By Wednesday,
June 15, 2016
, deliver your assignment to the M1: Assignment 3

Assignment 3 Grading

Maximum Points

Identified and
explained types and component parts of arguments displaying analysis and
application of research.


Accurately identified
key component parts of arguments in longer text passages, reflecting
comprehension and critical thinking.


Constructed original
inductive and deductive arguments demonstrating in-depth understanding of


Evaluated and
explained instances from contemporary media to identify arguments as
representative of inductive or deductive reasoning.


Wrote in a clear,
concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate
representation and attribution of sources; displayed accurate spelling,
grammar, and punctuation.




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