Innovative Marketing and Health and Safety Inspection, assignment help

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Answer the following questions separately using APA format and citing references used

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1. Use the link included below to respond to the question below:

Please describe one element that you feel the “Innovative Marketing” article left out. Provide justification for your response.


Go to the following site to see an example of a health and
safety inspection; this facility’s inspection is to be used for your report.
Click on “View full report” next to the date 8/28/15 to see a PDF copy of their
most recent inspection. Read through their deficiencies to get an idea of what
inspectors are looking for (after reading through it, you may very well wonder
what they AREN’T looking for…).

Choose FIVE deficiencies, and for each, summarize the deficiency and
provide an action plan
to address each deficiency. Please include the
ID Prefix Tag number (EG F0154) for each deficiency.

Your report should be between 2-4 pages long. It can contain
bullets, lists, an outline, etc. It does not need to be in APA format.

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