instructions:  Please type your responses.  If you provide detailed calculations Question 1 Use the information from the “Case Study FPC 2019” to solve this problem. What quantitative and qualitat

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instructions: Please type your responses. If you provide detailed calculations

Question 1 Use the information from the “Case Study FPC 2019” to solve this problem.What quantitative and qualitative education funding goals do Jamie and Claire have? List each goal separately.

Question 2 Look up the In-State On-campus 2023-2024 Yearly Cost of Attendance for the following schools.Eastern Connecticut State UniversityUniversity of Connecticut / UCONN(Use Subtotal Direct Cost)

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Question 3 1. List the repayment options for the Stafford Loan.a. Identify the term or term range of the repayment plan. How long can the payments last?b. Identify one requirement for each of the repayment plans.Please format your answers as follows (This is for example purposes):

1. Example Repayment plan. (Please put in bold and underline type)a. Its term is 3 to 250 years.b. The maximum monthly payment is $1,000. – Or – Payment is based on income or family.

Question 4 Use the information from the Education Planning section of the “Case Study FPC 2019” to solve this problem.Solve for the amount to fully fund Brianna’s and Riley’s education at the start of Brianna’s college career.Assume Jamie and Claire will use the aggressive stock return for their return on investment. In theAssumptions, use the rate given for college inflation. Ignore that Brianna has $20,000 in a CD. Both childrenwill start college at the age of 18. How much do Jamie and Claire need to save at the end of each year? Use theuneven Cash Flow Method. Please show all work.

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