Integrated Business Perspective Course Discussion Question

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1. Identify Ms. Friemann’s main claim, and evaluate the evidence, underlying assumptions, and persuasiveness of her argument. What claims were made? What evidence was presented? Was it adequate to establish a causal link? Did the evidence presented come from credible and reliable sources? Was the source of the evidence an authority on the topic? Was the evidence presented clearly expressed? Did they provide enough evidence to adequately establish causality? If so, explain. If not, what evidence needs to be presented that establishes causality? Were there any underlying assumptions? What persuasive techniques were used in the article?

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2. What is your reaction to the idea that there is a gender difference in setting prices? If you had to collect evidence to support or refute this claim, where would you look and what data would you collect? What sources of evidence would build the best possible case for your viewpoint?

Discussion Guidelines

Each response should be substantiated with a concise explanation that demonstrates your understanding of the module content and assigned reading material. Remember to edit and proofread carefully. Your posts should exhibit proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and critical thinking. Each initial post should be between 150 – 300 words in length. Each response posting should be between 100 – 200 words in length. Include appropriate citations in APA format when necessary to support your response.

See attachments for Exercise.

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