Interdisciplinary Lesson – Current Event

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Plan an interdisciplinary lesson that relates to a current event. Include in your plan:

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  1. A link to a news story about the current event
  2. Name of all content area disciplines that you are using in your plan and why you chose the other discipline as a corollary to your own. If you are a K-6 teacher, choose more than one discipline, e.g. math and scienceor math and art.
  3. Learning objectives with links to state standards. Standards addressed should reference your content area at least one other content area as defined in item 2. (You may refer to EDTC 5200 or any other credibleresources about learning theory.)
  4. Warm-Up
  5. Instructional strategies (remember to use high-yield strategies)
  6. List of materials needed for the lesson
  7. Lesson closure
  8. Assessment plan (include formative and summative assessments. Formative assessment may be informal, e.g. questioning strategies during the warm-up.)
  9. Homework, if assigned

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