Keiser University Wk 1 Understanding & Fulfilling Customers Needs and Wants Response

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Week 1 Discussion: Marketing Orientation

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Marketing orientation is one of the five different marketing management orientations discussed. It refers to a company’s approach by creating and delivering value to its customers (Armstrong & Kotler, 2021). Most companies today have a marketing oriented approach, this is when the company focuses on understanding customers’ needs and wants and designing products or services that meet those needs and desires. 

The other four marketing management orientation are as follows:

1. Production Orientation: The company primarily focuses on producing high volumes of products at a low cost. The company assumes that customers will prefer products that are affordable and convenient. With this assumption, management typically focuses on improving production and distribution processes. This is known as one of the oldest orientations that has guided companies over the years. (Armstrong & Kotler, 2021)

2. Product Orientation: In this approach, companies focus on creating high-quality products with innovative features. This leads companies to believe that the customers will appreciate the quality and innovation of the product. Therefore, leading customers to pay premium price for it. However, the downfall to this concept is that some companies get wrapped up in constant improvements of their product can lead to “marketing myopia.” (Armstrong & Kotler, 2021)

3. Sales Orientation: Companies focus on selling as many products as possible. The company assumes that customer will only buy the product if they are persuaded to do so through large-scale selling and promotional efforts (Armstrong & Kotler,2021). However, with this approach, there tends to be a lack of long-term-profitable customer relationships that are established due to the assumption that customers who are coerced to purchase the product will eventually like it. (Armstrong & Kotler, 2021)

4. Societal Marketing Orientation: In this orientation, the company will focus on not only meeting the customer needs and wants but also on contributing to society’s well-being. The company assumes that customers will appreciate and support companies that are socially responsible. The concept “shared value” is emphasized in this orientation as it recognizes the social needs and not solely the economic needs that defines the market today. (Armstrong & Kotler, 2021).

Compared to these four marketing management orientations, marketing orientation places a larger emphasis on understanding and meeting customer needs and wants. It involves a customer-centric approach that guides product development, pricing, promotion, and distribution decisions. Focusing on delivering superior customer value, companies that adopt a marketing orientation are better positioned to build strong customer relationships and achieve long-term success. 

Overall, while the other marketing orientations have their strengths and weaknesses, the marketing orientations provides the framework that helps companies create and deliver value to their customers that will not only build relationships but contribute to the company’s overall success. 


Armstrong, G., & Kotler, P. (2021). Marketing: An Introduction. Pearson.

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