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1.) What is knowledge management (KM)? Cite your sources. 

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Choose a career field in Knowledge Management that represent a relevant profession or interest area to you. 

Why did you choose this particular field (i.e., how does it relate to your job, profession, career or other interests)? 

Lastly, how does your KM definition recognize and relate to the KM discipline you chose? 

Here are a few suggested headings to use in your discussion to organize your responses:

a)  KM definition

b)  KM discipline/field and rationale for choosing

c)  Relationship of KM definition to the KM discipline/field you chose?


Examine your present or past work organization or school institution for evidence of a KM life cycle approach and stages. 

Describe the KM cycle you think is represented. Identify at least two life cycle stages along with specific examples to support your claims. 

Discuss what new learning you took away from this exercise. Include headings to organize your responses


Identify a knowledge-intensive team. Analyze the team using one of Chapter 10’s models, frameworks, or tools (for example, KM skills and competencies, role categories, or role responsibilities). Successful Responses to this question have included the analysis of high-profile corporations, such as GM, less-visible organizations, such as the Wikimedia Foundation. You may be inventive (within general KM boundaries) when identifying a KM team. For instance, consider the US president’s White House team or the relatively new executive team at Yahoo. If none of those possibilities interest you, examine a team in your own organization. Identify and analyze at least three team members. Explain how the team and its members reflect the models, frameworks, or tools discussed in Chapter 10.

Create headings and subheadings to organize your Response. For example,

a. Knowledge-intensive team and organization analyzed

b.  Knowledge-intensive team members

  -[member title and knowledge oriented job duties]

  -[member title and knowledge oriented job duties]

  -[member title and knowledge oriented job duties]

Use APA format to cite all references, without forgetting to include in-text citations.

Our second discussion question dovetails with your Abbreviated Knowledge Management Audit, due at the end of this week. Share with the class and me which job/unit or organization you selected to audit, and your notes or draft for Part II, Preliminary Knowledge Audit Analysis and Assessment. This is an opportunity for you to receive helpful feedback and guidance from your class peers and from me. Include the following headings in your discussion and direct your Response accordingly:

1)  Job/unit/organization audited

2)  Part II, Preliminary Knowledge Audit Analysis and Assessment notes or draft to date:

Three most significant knowledge Existing knowledge state Desired knowledge state Intervention to fill the gap between existing and Challenges to interventions

findings learned from your audit? desired




Use APA format to cite all references. Use in-text parenthetical citations, for example, (Dalkir, 2011, p. 400), and full citations at end, for all sources

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