Labor Relations application Essay

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I need someone who has knowledge on Labor Relations. 1 PAGE SINGLE SPACED PAPER.

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This is an application essay that I want you to consider these below.

  • What Labor Studies courses have you had? What did you find interesting and important about these courses? What issues raised by these courses do you hope to pursue in future Labor Studies courses?
  • How does the Labor Studies major relate to your life and work experience? Is there a connection? Did Labor Studies courses help you understand your previous experiences better, or in a different way?(IT HELPS AS A BUSINESS MAN)
  • What are your future goals? How do you think the major will help you achieve these goals?
  • What do you think you can contribute to the labor studies field and to the community of people involved in the field of labor studies and employment relations? Why should Labor Studies value you as a participant?

Just to help you with the writing

The classes I took for labor relations are Employment Law, Negotiations, Dynamic work and place, Work and Organizations, Leadership in Workplace.

One day, I want to have my own business. Right now, after I graduate, I plan to go back to my country to help with my fathers business. Many people say labor relation is unimportant for business careers because labor relations has to do with business careers. However, I believe that all managers and business professionals can benefit from learning about labor relations, whether or not they plan to work in companies where unions are present.

I will start learning from helping my fathers business which is an electric company and in the future, I would really like to have my own business. This major could help me because…

Other than that, please elaborate on these based on labor relation knowledge. Please look up a source to find out more about them if you don’t know.

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