LAPC The Honest Company History And Analysis Discussion

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Student to select and research a profit or not-for-profit, existing mid-size organization. Address each question below. Use appropriate heading for each section and include sources used as a reference:

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  1. Outline the history of how the organization was formed. 
  2. List and explain the types of products they provide. Detail a unique product from this company that you like and explain the reasons. 
  3. Define the form of business ownership. Describe how decisions would be made in that organization based on that form of ownership. Provide examples. 
  4. Describe two unique and interesting facts people may not know about this company or their products.
  5. Research and detail a controversy the company had to address in the last two years.
  6. Complete an analysis of the company by providing an explanation of what you think are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (two for each SWOT element).
  7. With one of the strengths you listed, explain how the company can use it to alleviate a threat.
  8. Select a weakness you identified and provide a detailed recommendation on how the company can address it.
  9. Considering one of the opportunities you provided, explain how the company can capitalize on that opportunity. Provide specifics.

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