Leadership and Strategy Plan

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Final Project Proposal

This week, you submit your first
assignment related to your Final Project, which is a proposal for a leadership
and strategy plan for solving a pressing public health problem.

For this week’s Assignment, review the
Learning Resources.

a proposal in the form of a 2- to 3-page paper explaining the community health
problem that will be featured in the Final Project. The paper will include the

  • A description
    of the public health leadership problem and why it is a problem.
  • An
    identification of how the problem relates to the Healthy People 2020
    priority areas.
  • A list of
    potential resources for data (at least 10–12 resources).

Final Project: Leadership and Strategy Plan

For this Final Project you selected a pressing health problem
affecting a community and developed a leadership and strategy plan for
addressing the problem. You linked this problem to corresponding Healthy
People 2020 objective(s).

Submit a 13- to 15-page
paper in APA format (not including title page). For full criteria, refer
to the Final Project Guidelines document in the Week 1 Learning


  • Shi, L., & Johnson, J. A. (2014). Novick and Morrow’s public health administration: Principles
    for population-based management
     (3rd ed.). Sudbury, MA:
    Jones & Bartlett Learning.
    • Chapter 6,
      “Professionalism and Ethics in Public Health Practice and Management”
      (pp. 119–136)
  • Jennings, B., Kahn, J., Mastroianni, A., & Parker,
    L. S. (Eds.). (2003). Ethics and public health: Model
    Retrieved from Association of Schools of Public
    Health website: http://www.aspph.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/EthicsCurriculum.pdf
    • Module 4,
      “Community-Based Practice and Research: Collaboration and Sharing Power”
    • Module 5, “Ethics and
      Infectious Disease Control: STDs, HIV, TB”
    • Module 6, “Ethics of
      Health Promotion and Disease Prevention”
    • Module 7, “Ethical
      Issues in Environmental and Occupational Health”
    • Module 8, “Public Health
      Genetics: Screening Programs and Individual Testing/Counseling”
    • Module 9, “Public
      Health and Health System Reform: Access, Priority Setting, and Allocation
      of Resources”
  • Public Health Leadership Society. (2002). Principles of
    the ethical practice of public health. Retrieved from http://www.apha.org/~/media/files/pdf/about/ethics_brochure.ashx
  • Thomas, J. (2004). Skills for the ethical practice of
    public health. Retrieved from the Public Health Leadership Society
    website: http://phls.org/CMSuploads/Skills-for-the-Ethical-Practice-of-Public-Health-68547.pdf

Optional Resources


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