Learning Summary Prepare a list of 3-5 key learning points for you in this course and how you might apply these. Many schools are now better prepared to respond to an “active shooter” However it rem

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Learning Summary

Prepare a list of 3-5 key learning points for you in this course and how you might apply these.

Many schools are now better prepared to respond to an “active shooter”

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However it remains to be seen how well prepared schools, churches, or other organizations are prepared to respond to a hostage situation????

Review the recent hostage incident at a Texas synagogue(reported, FBI-ABC News) Jan. 21, 2022)  and analyze the effectiveness of response.

Also reflect briefly on the degree you think your school is prepared for a possible hostage situation???

Learning Summary Prepare a list of 3-5 key learning points for you in this course and how you might apply these. Many schools are now better prepared to respond to an “active shooter” However it rem
EDL 788 School and Community Safety Management Course Description: This course addresses the nature and scope of K-12 schools safety and security management issues. Motives, methods, and impact of inappropriate behavior, natural disasters, and potential terrorist activity will be explored. This course will also examine risk assessment; security planning operations; emergency response and recovery, and training and exercises. Specific focus will be upon the knowledge and capabilities needed by school administrators, teachers, and staff to assure maximum protection of all assets in order to prevent incidents from occurring and minimizing potential consequences. Text: None required (materials will be provided by the instructor) Course Goals: Provide administrators and teachers with a broad overview of the issues related to effective K-12 schools/educational institution safety and security management. Examine and build knowledge relative to legislation and governmental controls related to homeland security and emergency management. Promote the ongoing development of the capabilities needed to effectively administer/manage K-12 school and educational institution safety and security systems. Learning Outcomes: As a result of completing this course, students will be able to: Demonstrate an understanding of different types of disaster incidents. Recognize and challenge inappropriate behavior, i.e. bullying. Identify federal, state, and local roles in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist incident, behavioral issue, or crowd control issues (all- hazards approach). Identify potential threats and assess risks to school operations, including special events. Understand the importance of multi-agency collaboration. Explain and implement emergency planning and protective measures. Analyze emergency response preparedness, continuity of operations, and recovery systems. Understand exercises as a means of testing emergency preparedness. Course Requirements: Weekly Discussion: Students are required to participate in four threaded online discussions. Discussion topics are designed to challenge your thinking and elaborate on various topics. Responses should be well thought out and composed using proper composition, spelling, and grammatical skills. Thoughtful and skillful writing is expected of all graduate students. Case Studies: There will be two case studies assigned during the course. Case study responses should be a minimum length of 1 page (single-spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman size 12 font – please include references). FEMA Online Study Programs: Students are required to complete the following two online FEMA courses: An Introduction to Incident Command System for Schools: IS-100 SCA Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools: IS-362.A These courses are available at the Emergency Management Institute website and instructions are provided in your module contents in Canvas. Students will receive a certificate for successful completion of each course. Students must submit a copy of their certificates under the assignment link in canvas to receive course credit. Disaster Plan Statement: In the event of closure or cancellations due to natural disaster or other emergency causes, general information will be forwarded to local media, posted on the WCU website http://wmcarey.edu, and sent via automated process to your WCU student e-mail address. Specific information regarding the continuation of coursework will be posted on the university’s course management system at https://elearning.wmcarey.edu. For up-to-the-minute alerts regarding emergency situations, sign up to receive notifications through Sader Watch, the WCU emergency text message service. Sign up instructions can be found under current students on the WCU homepage. Course Content: Module 1 Course Introduction: Review syllabus and course requirements Reading Assignment: A Framework for Safe and Successful Schools Webinar: Lessons Learned from Disaster Discussion #1 Module 2 Reading Assignment: Resource Guide for Improving School Climate and Discipline Case Study #1: A Case study of School Security Efforts and Their Impact on Educational Reform Discussion #2 Module 3 Reading Assignment(s): K-12 Schools Vamp Up Security; Advanced Technologies Build a Secure Campus; K-12 School Security Checklist Webinar: The Vulnerability Assessment Process Case Study #2: Sandy Hook Elementary Active Shooter Incident Module 4 Reading Assignment: 10 Things to do After a School Crisis Online FEMA Course: An Introduction to the Incident Command System for Schools: IS-100 SCA Discussion #3 Module 5 Reading Assignment(s): Emergency Management Planning for After-School Programs; Integrating Students with Special Needs and Disabilities into Emergency Response and Crisis Management Planning Online FEMA Course: Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools: IS-362.A Discussion #4 4


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