Legalization of Marijuana: Should the federal government of US Legalize the use of marijuana?

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1800 word minimum—MLA format.

Must include 6 Scholarly Sources (minimum).

Argue an opposite point on 3 of your sources.

Annotation in text of your sources.

Work cited page.

You must include rough draft and show that your essay has been reviewed (either by Upswing or by a tutor).

In your research paper, you will argue a position related to the topic. For instance, if your research paper is about gun laws in the United States, you might take the side that tougher gun laws need to be enacted. Conversely you might argue that as a constitutional right gun ownership should be protected and other measures like education etc… should be instituted. Or you might argue a position that in between.

Remember when arguing your position it is critical to understand the opposing viewpoint of the issue/topic and to refute that position to strengthen your argument.…Website where sources should be found.

Characteristics of your sources: should be full text, Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals, Academic Journals. (there is features where you can adjust all of these.)

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